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by Emerson Welch  |  January 10, 2024

New Quarky AI Copilot Helps Enterprises Bring Their Own AI Service and Accelerate and Automate Content Authoring and Management Tasks

Quarky AI Copilot

AI shows no signs of slowing down. As many organizations take a “wait and see” approach to how they will deploy AI technologies across their IT infrastructures to support business objectives, one certainty is the opportunistic value of AI. It is outweighing the skepticism and organizations are now evaluating what use cases are best suited with AI augmentation, along with if or how they integrate and train their own large language models (LLMs).

A 2023 Forbes Advisory survey reported that 64% of businesses expect AI to increase productivity, demonstrating a growing confidence in the potential of AI to transform business operations.

At Quark, our eyes have been firmly on innovation and delivering the necessary tools and capabilities to help organizations optimize content lifecycle workflows and see the ROI of their content strategies. Earlier this year we announced the integration of Bring Your Own AI (BYOAI) capabilities across our enterprise content automation solution, Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen.

These technologies augment people’s expertise and accelerate time to value by speeding up content creation processes with 100% accuracy, so organizations can execute smart content strategies.

Smart Content

Now, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Quarky AI copilot that works with your own AI service and LLMs in QPP NextGen. Quarky acts as your day-to-day assistant to speed up daily content authoring and management activities to support faster time to value.

Here are just a few features and benefits of the Quarky AI copilot:

  • Augment your subject-matter expertise knowledge with the power to identify and suggest prominent metadata keywords to be tagged to fuel content searchability and reuse for optimal output.

  • Quickly check the quality of content created, including spelling, grammar, readability and conciseness to ensure content consistency across different content authors and content components.

  • Quickly summarize lengthy content components into digestible, accurate and impactful briefs.

  • Out of the box integration with OpenAI and Azure AI large language models provide access to expansive AI functionalities that reduce the manual effort required in text-based tasks such as content creation, translation, and transcription, while improving content accuracy and consistency.

Content has emerged as a key contributor to business growth, helping organizations differentiate their brand and win in their market. As such, organizations have put more emphasis on modernizing their content operations and integrating AI technologies into their IT infrastructure to support a digital-first era.

AI can significantly improve the efficiency, quality, and effectiveness of enterprise content operations – automating time-consuming processes so your content team members can deliver more value to internal and external stakeholders. AI also gives businesses the power to search for more data and gather unprecedented knowledge to make smart content decisions and get a clear understanding of what content is achieving desired results and driving business growth.

Learn more about the Quarky AI copilot.

Request a demo of Quark Publishing Platform NextGen.

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