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by Emerson Welch  |  March 5, 2024

Getting to Know Vani Vig, Manager, Customer Experience Team at Quark

Quark knows content and for decades has been on the front lines delivering software to help customers bring design visions to life and address every enterprise content complexity, from idea to publishing and everything in between. A key leader on the front lines of ensuring an excellent customer experience is Vani Vig, Manager, Customer Experience Team at Quark.

Vani has played a customer -facing role at Quark for three years, having begun her career in IT sales holding various customer success lead roles at services -based companies. She brought this expertise and lessons learned and infused into her ongoing engagement with Quark customers – anchored by a mantra of ensuring Quark’s services and technologies support their success. Vani’s passion for customer support, willingness to exceed expectations, and ability to view challenges as opportunities to further the customer connection has enriched her customer advocacy skillset.

We recently sat down with Vani to learn more about her role, what constitutes an excellent customer relationship, and the cornerstone of creating a lasting relationship.

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What brought you to Quark?

I was interested in finding a new challenge. I held a variety of customer facing roles at service -based organizations and I wanted to apply these learnings and skillset in a customer facing role at a product -based company, which I had never worked at before. Quark had (and still has) excellent brand recognition and as a company, a sincere reputation. The decision to join Quark has exceeded my expectations and I thrive every day in helping customers get the most value from their Quark investment.

As a customer-facing executive, what’s the most important factor in ensuring an excellent customer experience?

Anyone can be an excellent customer representative, however, what makes an individual an exceptional customer partner is emotional intelligence. There is no one-size-fits-all when addressing customer needs and to have a successful, trusted partnership with customers, you must have an emotional connection. Success is not measured merely by numbers, statistics and reports. Really listening, learning and understanding your customer with regular, ongoing touchpoints helps to build that emotional connection of trust and respect that is so important particularly if and when issues arise.

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What mistakes do you see companies make when engaging with customers?

Organizations don’t do enough in training every employee to think and work in the best interest of the customer. Regardless of your role within the company, each and every person must understand that what they do contributes to delivering an excellent customer experience. Every line of business is executing their goal via the lens of the customer so it’s important that each department – such as sales, marketing, and development – is interconnected and understands the contributions of each LOB towards supporting the customer journey.

Closer cross-alignment will give you those all so important details that if a customer raises an issue to my attention that is not directly in my coverage area, I have a general understanding of how that issue is impacting the customer and can address it quickly. As a manager, I view escalations from a customer as an opportunity to deliver beyond required expectations and an opportunity to go that extra mile.

What is the key to long-term customer success?

I’d say one of the most important aspects to long-term customer success is having an awareness of the details as it supports your ability to not only meet a customer’s expectations but grow the business. Familiarity with the details gives you a holistic view of the customer so you can better anticipate and address needs early, gain insight into future business goals, and build a stronger relationship. As a manager, I set a personal bar of success that exceeds customer expectations. This also contributes to a trusted, long-term customer engagement.

What do you like to do in your free time?

When not thinking about what more we can do for our customers, I enjoy dinners with my family and taking short trips away with close friends to catch up and share laughter. Finding “me time” is also very important, which is why I make sure to allocate time to visit my favorite coffee shop, find a quite table in the corner and gather my thoughts.

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