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by Emerson Welch  |  July 18, 2023

Getting to Know Richard Worrell, Senior Product Manager, Enterprise at Quark

Richard Worrell joined Quark over two years ago as enterprise product manager. He leads a global team dedicated to the innovation and adoption of content automation and intelligence solutions to support every stage of content lifecycle management for large organizations.

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Rich has long worn an “enterprise architecture hat’, having a successful track record of developing and executing product roadmaps that address customers’ enterprise technology requirements. He joined Quark from erwin, Inc., where he used his SaaS expertise to help create the company’s SaaS content lifecycle management platform and subsequent next-generation enterprise architecture applications. At Quark, he taps into and applies this deep enterprise expertise to drive technology innovation that results in the best customer experience for Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen customers.

We recently sat down with Rich to learn more about his background, where he sees organizations struggling to harness the power of their content strategies, and his view on how AI can improve content operations processes.

What are the top 3 challenges you see organizations facing when it comes to their content ecosystem?

Most organizations have an ocean of existing content and I’d say the biggest challenge is most don’t know what content they actually have. It’s not only about finding what content exists and where, but they also lack the ability to analyze that content to determine if it can be turned into something useful for the business. Content discovery should be viewed as a first step opportunity to learn what content you have, what content can be reused, and what content should be retired.

The second challenge I see organizations face is a lack of understanding if the content delivered is achieving the agreed upon ROI. Success can look different for different assets. It could be viewership vs. reach vs. number of downloads. It may be beneficial to the business objective to consider what success looks like for a particular content asset and be sure all key stakeholders are aligned and kept up to date on content performance.

The third biggest challenge I see organizations facing relates to their content creation processes. Most content operations processes are inefficient, and there are many areas that can benefit from automation and allow content teams to focus on more strategic areas within the content lifecycle.

What capabilities do you feel are missing from CCMS tools available today?

I’d say tools to help content teams easily discover and better understand content components for reuse. It’s important to be a co-pilot to the author and make it easy for content creators to see what they can reuse fast. This helps them focus on what they do best, impart knowledge, and know that the content they reuse is the most accurate, up to date, and adheres to compliance requirements.

I also see a lack of content intelligence tools that help content teams know when to retire or reuse content. Access to analytics give your teams actionable insights into how content is performing so you can be more strategic in the content you deliver to your desired audience. Fortunately, QPP NextGen has these capabilities – all in a self-service delivery model – so organizations can get on a path to adopting a smart content strategy and feel confident that content created and delivered achieves the desired results.

Organizations understand AI can have a positive impact on content strategies, yet many are taking a “wait and see” approach. Where do you see AI playing a role today? 5 years from now?

AI will never replace people, but it will play a huge role in helping people better manage their day-to-day activities by optimizing specific time-intensive, repetitive tasks. I also see AI aiding in the authoring process, such as making it easy to find the most up-to-date content components or assisting in the word choice selection process. Looking into my crystal ball, I don’t see AI ever replacing the value you gain from human knowledge and creativity.

What brought you to Quark?

I joined Quark to help lead the QPP NextGen platform launch. It was thrilling to be part of that project. We have a phenomenal content lifecycle management tool and we’ve stayed true to our promise in delivering new structured authoring, CCMS and omnichannel publishing capabilities to market regularly and really innovating with content intelligence and content automation.

Quark has a unique opportunity and a loyal and growing customer base. There are many vendor ‘point solutions’ in the content management space but we’re the only company that addresses the end-to-end content complexities (from creation to consumption) in one single vendor CCMS platform offering. I’m proud and excited to be part of a company that is really an innovator in the space.

What makes a successful product team?

Respect for one another and as a manager, I want my team to know that I’m always approachable. I’m a firm believer in ideation and that ideas come from all different places. We should always be exploring. Particularly within a product team, it’s about generating and capturing as many ideas as possible, testing them all, and coming away with that breakthrough opportunity together.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I live about 30 minutes outside of Birmingham, UK and love to spend my time outdoors as much as possible. I’m an adrenaline junkie and enjoy downhill mountain biking and hiking with my 2 dogs, which also contribute to my active lifestyle. When not hiking or biking, I love to read about new technology.

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