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by Emerson Welch  |  February 7, 2024

Getting to Know Hedieh Kazemzadeh, Partner Acquisition & Development Executive at Quark

A technology vendor’s partner ecosystem plays a vital role in helping organizations address their enterprise content complexities. Quark has a trusted and growing partner network and is committed to giving them the necessary incentives, marketing resources, training and tools to support their content lifecycle management solution capabilities and fuel new revenue streams.

A Quark executive on the front lines who works relentlessly with partners to ensure they have the resources to address their customers context challenges – particularly organizations pressured to deliver content fast and adhere to compliance and legal requirements – is Hedieh Kazemzadeh, Partner Acquisition & Development Executive at Quark.

Hedieh holds a master’s degree in marketing, is a self-proclaimed ‘people person’, and thrives in nurturing long-term partner relationships, and identifying and recruiting new partners that will extend the customer value of Quark solutions globally. She also understands the value of articulating how this community benefits from partnering with Quark. Hedieh joined Quark as a partner marketing executive in September 2022 and swiftly honed her skillset that resulted in a promotion to her new role of partner acquisition & development executive in January 2024. We recently sat down with Hedieh to learn more about what constitutes a strong vendor-partner relationship, what partner success looks like, and the value of communication.

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What do you consider the most important resources to build, sustain and grow relationships with partners?

As a partner acquisition and development marketer, it’s all about providing the most extensive set of sales enablement resources, training and incentives that are easily accessible and support partner growth. It’s also about supporting the recruitment, education and onboarding of the right kind of partners. The Quark Partner Portal serves as the centralized hub and go-to-source for partners to get the most complete set of resources so they can be successful and solve any content management challenge for their customers.

It’s also important to always find opportunities to proactively engage with partners on a regular basis. This can be done by having a steady cadence of check-ins, and sharing information through blogs, newsletters and email campaigns. My goal is to build and sustain long-term relationships and it’s done by forming a trusted partnership, which is what I’m focused on.

How do you prioritize the most important marketing materials and communicate the value of these to your partner ecosystem?

It’s crucial to have an accurate understanding of what partners actually want and what they want to know more about. Everything we provide is prioritized based on each partner’s unique appetite and knowing what information they should be aware of. This could be an upcoming event they’d benefit from attending or a product announcement that could boost their content technology toolkit. It’s important to always look at different marketing platforms to ensure the most relevant information is being shared with the right partner and at the right time.

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What does success look like from a partner development standpoint?

You must have a process in place that allows you to track and analyze partner performance. We have a process in place that allows us to do this through the Quark Partner Portal and through our marketing campaigns. Access to reports allows you to see who is actively engaged and who is not, what materials they have opened and resonate the most with a particular partner. Importantly, analytics help us incentivize those most engaged and make smarter marketing content decisions for those less engaged. Ultimately, we strive for quality over quantity, building a robust partner ecosystem with mutually beneficial relationships.

What is your working style and how does this influence your approach to working within the team?

I’m not one to sit still for too long so I’m fortunate to have a stand-up desk that allows me to move around. I’m also a big fan of regularly engaging with team members face to face so make a point of working in the office communal areas as much as possible. I work with many people and it’s important that we have the opportunity to all share ideas together and within a group. I find teamwork very refreshing. The gift of different people working together is that everyone has great, innovative ideas, and these different viewpoints bring a fresh perspective to the table.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I’m focused on my fitness as of late and enjoy being more physically active as it clears my mind. I also find inspiration in self-help books and value quality time with my friends. I’m typically the ring-leader when it comes to making plans. Recently, I’ve also been keen on travelling and immersing myself in diverse food and cultures.

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