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by Emerson Welch  |  November 29, 2023

Getting to Know Catherine Mystrioti, Lead Solution Consultant at Quark

Quark helps enterprise customers address their toughest content lifecycle management challenges. One of the company’s front-line players in developing a customized approach that meets the needs of Quark’s customers is Catherine Mystrioti.

Catherine is a seasoned industry veteran with 14 years of experience helping organizations bridge the technology and business challenge gap by identifying areas where content technology can effectively address organizational issues and drive business outcomes.

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She is a lead solution architect within Quark’s professional services team, working closely with enterprise customers across a broad spectrum of industries throughout each phase of the customer engagement – from pre-sale through the technology implementation. She assesses existing systems and processes, identifies gaps and inefficiencies within the content operations ecosystem, and recommends the content technology adoption strategy to ensure a successful alignment between software and business strategies.

We recently sat down with Catherine to learn more about how to deliver an excellent customer experience and the key to sustaining a successful long-term customer relationship.

As a customer-facing executive, what do you consider important factors in ensuring an excellent customer experience?

It’s so important to form a collaborative, honest partnership with the customer and nurture this relationship throughout the implementation journey. Building that camaraderie and a relationship around trust beginning day 1 is crucial. You can celebrate the successes together but importantly makes it easier to have those tough conversations if or when an issue arises and discuss a solution to the problem quickly.

Also, I cannot stress enough the importance of really listening and asking the right questions. This is how you get a clear understanding of the specific challenges customers are facing or processes they’re trying to change. You can then convert those challenges into a platform solution that integrates with their existing technology infrastructure and wider ecosystem.

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It’s also important to be confident in your professional and technology expertise and be proactive when it comes to evaluating the needs of a customer. Content technology is evolving fast, particularly with the potential to use AI in workflows, and you need to be there to both guide and work with customers as they deploy technologies to support their business goals.

What enticed you to take on a customer-facing role at Quark?

I was raised in Athens and studied computer science in college because I was intrigued by developer programming and the intellectually challenging aspect of it. I thought it really took a special someone to write and produce code and prided myself in my ability to program in a predominately male profession.

However, a developer often works independently and I’m an extrovert who thrives in working with people, so it was tricky for me to find the right combination of these elements. It was over seven years ago that I shifted gears, started working with customers and never looked back. I began engaging with customers as a consultant, which led to long-term customer engagement roles at erwin and Quest, before joining the Quark team over a year ago.

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What should organizations do to better anticipate the needs of customers?

It starts with listening and learning from the customer. Be transparent if your current product does not have the feature set to address a specific customer use case need today. However, always have your eye on the eight ball. Adjust and develop your product roadmap based on the challenges your customer anticipates.

Also, have a pulse check on the current and future state of the industry and market these organizations play in, as it will better prepare you to effectively address their future needs. Technology innovation doesn’t slow down, and neither should your organization. Listening and learning from your customers will contribute to your product strategy, so when they need technology to address a specific use case, you’ll be ready to deliver.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love to sew. I make all kinds of clothing – jackets, skirts, sweaters – that are made from different combinations of upholstered. I can spend hours designing and find inspiration through different patterns. Personally, I wear some if the items I create and I make many items for family and friends too.

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