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by Emerson Welch  |  June 21, 2023

Getting to Know Anit Saha, Senior Product Manager for QuarkXPress

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Anit Saha recently joined Quark as senior product manager for QuarkXPress. He was an avid artist who spent his childhood years drawing and sketching to showcase his individual expression through colors, images and shapes. Today, Anit will augment his over 25 years of professional experience in print and packaging production workflows coupled with software domain expertise to help guide the product strategy and roadmap for QuarkXPress .

Quark has an over 40-year history in desktop and digital publishing. Our flagship digital publishing solution, QuarkXPress, is used to help unlock the creativity of thousands of designers around the world. Anit will build on this success and oversee aspects of the product team to ensure continual innovation that support content designers’ ability to produce and publish brilliant content.

We recently sat down with Anit to learn more about his background, his passion for creativity and his thoughts on the digital publishing industry and vision for QXP.

How did you get started in the world of design and digital publishing?

I began my career in the printing industry, working with a team that provided solutions, training and support for newspaper and commercial printing companies. With an early focus on the print domain only, I found myself having a hunger to learn more about the digital content output and desire to work in the software domain. My previous experience in print played a big role in supporting my transition to – and success in – the digital publishing industry. I had a perspective on both print and digital outputs, and they are quite different, but each has a valuable audience.

What do you find inspiring about the digital publishing industry?

This is so much happening in this segment and it’s happening fast. Content created for digital outputs is reaching everyone. It has opened up a huge market for creative expression that empowers everyone to share knowledge and which transcends boundaries. The opportunities are endless and this is what I find most exciting.

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What challenges do you see today’s digital designers facing?

There are so many available software tools on the market, yet many content designers either don’t know how to use them, or worse, aren’t using them effectively. This is what keeps me up at night. Most content designers can learn how to go about the work but need assistance on what content to include in their project, fonts to use for a specific project or topic. For example, designing content for a book is very different than designing content for a car manual. The same goes for the use of colors. This is a gap area where Quark plays a strong role in filling.

What brought you to Quark?

Quark is really on the cutting edge of digital publishing and there are two particular areas where we excel. The first being omnichannel publishing and second is our ability to bring design file into QXP and make them editable. These are our two key differentiators today and I look forward guiding the product team to uncover new areas that widen our leadership gap. This will happen as we are committed to taking a user benefits -driven approach vs. product feature approach to innovation.

What makes a successful product team?

I believe in the 3 C’s – Collaboration, Communication and Coordination. This is the mantra I instil within my teams with an underlay of mutual trust and respect. As a manager, I like to always be learning too so I make sure to listen and understand other perspectives before making a decision. Also, everything we do as a team and the decisions we make to support our product vision always align with our corporate goals.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy watching period movies. Braveheart, Gladiator, The Last Samurai and Titanic are a few of my favorites. I also enjoy taking time to try my hand at preparing new cooking recipes and also enjoy taking courses to further my education in product management role.

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