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by Emerson Welch  |  January 5, 2024

Enhanced Visual Fonts Palette and Access to Google Fonts with QuarkXPress 2024

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The latest QuarkXPress 2024 update introduces a new visual fonts palette and integrates over 1,500 free Google Fonts, empowering designers with greater creative control and convenience.

Learn more about each of these features and discover the 5 benefits of using font palettes.

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New Visual Fonts Palette

The enhanced Visual Fonts Palette ensures that all your fonts, including system installed and QuarkXPress exclusive fonts, are readily accessible and visible.

Quark aims to provide an easy interface for designers in QuarkXPress 2024 to easily view, browse and manage your fonts. Iterate your ideas swiftly without the need for complex style sheets and tons of font options.

Use various filters such as font classifications and properties, to help you to refine your font choices.

Access preloaded libraries and collections, perform font searches, and add fonts to your favorites. Our new fonts palette supports specific language and writing systems.

1,500 Integrated Full and Free Google Fonts

Expand your creative possibilities with the integration of 1,500 full and free Google Fonts directly within QuarkXPress 2024.

When creating new projects, you can utilize Google Fonts just like any other fonts. Easily access Google Fonts which are integrated into QuarkXPress.

Quark understands that fonts play an essential role in producing layouts and designers are continually searching for high-quality professional fonts.

Google offers an extensive collection with 1,500 font families and 5,000 font styles which benefits creatives to show thoughts and emotions effectively.

When opening a project that has Google fonts, QuarkXPress automatically downloads them from Google. You can create Collective Font Outlines (CFO) easily without collecting Google fonts separately.

Refine your font choices through different filters and preloaded libraries and collections.

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5 benefits of using font palettes:

1. Brand Consistency

Using a dependable set of fonts contributes to a recognizable visual identity for your brand, providing consistency throughout your designs. Brand consistency enhances the professionalism of your projects with a unified and polished appearance across different platforms, devices, and media.

2. Efficient Design Workflow

Designers and content creators can save time by selecting fonts within the palette, reducing the need for constant decision-making and exploration during the design process. This can increase your productivity making your design workflow more efficient.

3. Readability and Accessibility

A well-chosen fonts palette can improve readability, making sure that fonts have clarity and are appropriate for the content they represent. Consider different weights and styles within fonts palette can aid in creating accessible designs for various audiences. Fonts palettes work well for different project sizes and resolutions, ensuring that the design maintains a consistent and accessible across various applications.

4. Clear Visual Hierarchy

Using specific fonts for different purposes (headings, body text, captions, etc.), helps establish a clear visual hierarchy in your design, especially when organizing your information.

5. Collaboration

When working in a team, using a fonts palette makes everyone in the project share a common visual language and design vision. Also, if updates are needed in a document, a defined fonts palette makes it easier to implement changes consistently across all materials.

Explore features of QuarkXPress 2024 here.

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