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by Emerson Welch  |  October 20, 2022

Does Your Content Successfully Address Your Customer Satisfaction Strategy?

Customer Satisfaction Strategy

Like data, organizations are understanding the role content plays in customer satisfaction and supporting overall business growth. Content is the ‘consumable form of data’ and to keep pace with current content consumption patterns, organizations must ensure their content reaches the right audience, at the right place and at the right time. But do you know if the right content is supporting your customer satisfaction strategy and ultimately your customer’s goals and requirements?

Content is a challenge and opportunity for any organization. Most know content plays a vital role in influencing customers throughout the buyer journey and ongoing relationships yet struggle to know if they are delivering personalized content that their customer actually wants.

Content’s role in customer satisfaction is to inform and educate customers, carry through the brand promise and improve the customer experience. In our recent webinar, “The Role of Content in Customer Satisfaction”, guest speaker Lisa Gately presented that, according to Forrester’s 2022 Global Marketing Survey, high growth companies ranked improving customer retention by enhancing post sale engagement as their #2 focus area during the next year – yet only 10% of B2B organizations cite advanced content operations skills or readiness to address this focus.

Today’s digital era has given customers and prospects the power to control how and when they search and consume content, taking a self-service approach to finding the information they want and making decisions fast. With fickle buying habits and a multitude of platform choices, organizations are taking a hard look at their content operations strategies to see if they really know each of their audiences preferred engagement channel and feel confident that the right content is delivered via the right device and in the right format to generate the fastest and most immerse response.

Content automation gives organizations a massive opportunity to successfully address content operations challenges to improve customer satisfaction and ensure the content created is personalized and connects with the customer. Through automation, content is not trapped in silos, rather stored in a central repository as modular components that is easily searchable and gives visibility into what content exists and in what format, what content is being effectively reused and what content should be retired.

Quark has a long history in content automation technology and delivering solutions that automate content lifecycle management efficiencies to help organizations meet and exceed their customer satisfaction goals. We were excited to sponsor the recent webinar with CMSWire on “The Role of Content in Customer Satisfaction” featuring speaker Lisa Gately, principal analyst with Forrester.

During the webinar, Lisa talked about why and how organizations struggle with delivering the right content at the right time to support the customer lifecycle. She also discussed the importance of taking an inventory of each stage of the content lifecycle and offered actionable steps orgs can take to support the buyer journey.

Customer satisfaction and sustaining lasting relationships are based on positive experiences yet underpinned by accurate, personalized and valuable content. A content-centered customer experience, powered by a content automation strategy, will empower your business to build lasting relationships with your customers and be prepared to anticipate and successfully address their needs at every stage of the buyer journey. You can watch “The Role of Content in Customer Satisfaction” here.

If you’d like to learn more about Quark Publishing Platform and how it can ensure your content successfully meet the needs of your customers, you can request a demo.

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