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by Alan Burnett  |  July 25, 2023

Deepening our Investments in Partner Success

As organizations understand the role content plays in supporting their business growth, it uncovers opportunities for Quark partners to identify new streams for revenue generation. Our partners, which span technology, reseller, distributor and consulting partners, have long played a vital role in supporting our ability to get modern layout and design software accessible to designers all over the world. Now, we can arm them with content automation tools that help organizations simplify the complex across every stage of the content lifecycle.

We know content and have been innovating across our content software portfolios to support the trends in content operations over the past 40 years. We were aware long ago of the role content plays in organizations’ digital transformation and have the necessary software to automate content operations and ensure content delivered reaches the right audience, at the right time and via the preferred device for optimal consumption. Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen automates all stages of the content lifecycle (creation, collaboration, assembly, publishing and analysis) so enterprises not only address their content complexity and compliance challenges but understand if their content is really working for their business.

Our growing partner ecosystem has been and will always be instrumental in our success. We are committed to supporting the partner transition in harnessing the value of our enterprise technologies by offering full access to sales, pre-sales and the necessary technical resources to support their ability to secure these large customer installations. There’s a huge opportunity for members to grow their business, but importantly, deliver more value to their customers. And we’re dedicated to helping every partner become more profitable by providing the technology, services and support to address the content lifecycle challenges of their customers.

Since joining Quark over a year ago to lead the partner strategy, I’ve been fortunate to spend time connecting with all our partners, listening and helping them to go beyond desktop publishing and identify and harness the revenue opportunity that exists in deeper areas of their customers’ organizations, solving any complexity across the content lifecycle.

Smart Content We recently hosted our latest partner webinar and it was exciting to talk about the investments Quark has been making to ensure their success. These include:

  • A new self-service partner portal that gives Quark partners the necessary marketing resources, training, and tools to support their content management solution selling capabilities. This rich set of resources and incentives is designed to help partners drive additional revenue opportunities by addressing their customers’ content lifecycle management complexities.
  • A new partner locator that gives partners and their potential customers an easy way to find local or specialist partners to collaborate on and help with niche projects.
  • Co-branded assets that expose the partner brand to new, wider audiences and across multiple geographies.
  • An overview of the newest releases of QuarkXPress 2023 and QPP NextGen, bringing the partner ecosystem up to speed on solution innovation so they can make smart content technology recommendations for their customers. These updates include:
    • The newest release of QuarkXPress 2023 (v19.2) that extends the range of language capability support and includes new Apple Silicon native support for unlimited creativity.
    • The new release of Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen v3.1 that features new, centralized auto trigger translation workflow capabilities and new self-conversion features that make it simple for content teams to search, select and publish the most up-to-date, compliance -controlled content components fast and understand how that content is performing.
  • A look into the key personas to target and engage with on the client side when telling the Quark story, such as Content Strategists, Information Architects and Graphic Designers.

We will continue to have an eye on content technology innovation coupled with new opportunities to engage and strengthen each partner experience. We’re dedicated to helping each partner be more profitable and will continually define new incentives, benefits and resources to ensure they have everything they need to deliver the best value to their customers.
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