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by Emerson Welch  |  April 24, 2024

Content Compliance – Navigating the Enterprise Challenge


We all know a successful enterprise content strategy directly contributes to business growth. If executed successfully, your organization can sustain long-term customers and win in their markets. Yet one of the most important factors of a successful content strategy – and a challenge that keeps many organization business leaders up at night – is content compliance. Specifically, whether content created and published meets internal corporate and external regulatory compliance requirements.

This is the fourth and final of a series of blogs that addresses the “4 Highlies” – the core factors enterprise organizations must address to execute a successful content strategy. This consists of the desire that enterprise content is, or must be, highly regulated, highly automated, highly complex or highly compliant. For organizations that operate in highly regulated industries, they cannot afford to deliver content that fails to meet compliance requirements. It not only proves costly to the business, but can severely impact brand reputation.

Let’s look at a few of the most pressing challenges these organizations must overcome to meet content compliance requirements.

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Keeping pace with changing regulations and standards. Many factors contribute to adjustments in compliance requirements, such as changes in laws, emerging threat vectors, economics and industry standards. Most organizations creating content that needs to be compliant are working with complex, often fragmented data. This makes it difficult to track and manage compliance across multiple data sets, distribution channels and platforms. If you have a manual process in place, it’s incredibly resource-intensive and time consuming and makes you vulnerable to pushing non-compliant content out the door, putting your business at serious risk for commercial and environmental consequences.

Finding the right balance between meeting compliance requirements and producing engaging content. It’s not easy to produce content that effectively communicates and builds meaningful relationships while staying within legal boundaries. Compliance requirements are in place to protect both your business and consumers, yet creating content that is solely focused on compliance can be dry, confusing, and uninteresting to the target audience. This quickly leads to a disengaged and uninterested customer. It’s crucial to have the technologies and processes in place to support a healthy balance between compliance and engaging content as it helps your company avoid legal risks while simultaneously delivering high-quality content that is of value to your audience.

Ensuring your people are aware of and trained in compliance requirements and best practices. Constantly evolving compliance rules can be complex and overwhelming for your content teams to not only follow but understand. Different departments potentially have different compliance requirements. This adds to the complexity and extends to content strategies as it affects the way content is created, distributed, and impacts external audiences. Prioritize compliance training and put programs in place that ensures everyone involved in creating content is aware of the compliance best practices. Remember, this is not a ‘one-and-done’ exercise. It’s an ongoing challenge that requires continuous education and communication for content teams.

The good news is content automation technologies such as Quark Publishing Platform NextGen make it easy for organizations to address all these compliance challenges. Deploying technologies that provide an easy onramp to ensure enterprise content compliance makes it seamless for content teams to manage and enforce compliance across all aspects of the content lifecycle, from creation through omnichannel distribution. In addition to deploying automation technologies, be sure to regularly review and update your compliance programs, monitor regulatory developments, and engage with stakeholders to better understand their needs and concerns. It is only then that your organization can feel confident in having a successful compliance -controlled content strategy.

Quark has a long history in delivering tools that help enterprises modernize their content operations to support an omnichannel, compliance-controlled content strategy. Quark Publishing Platform NextGen automates all the complex content management, regulatory and compliance processes so organizations can achieve their most important objectives – from digital transformation and customer satisfaction to regulatory compliance and revenue growth. Deep investments in AI enable enterprises to automate key areas of the content lifecycle journey: from accurate creation, collaboration, and assembly to the power of delivering personalized, compliance-controlled content and knowing how that content is consumed.

To learn more about Quark Publishing Platform NextGen, you can request a demo.

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