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lower rep turnover

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Sales Enablement

When it comes to sales, there’s no room for guesswork. With our sales enablement solution, you can deliver unmatched customer experiences. This solution allows you to design, build, personalize and deliver exceptional experiences for your key audience.The solution also allows you to automate your entire sales communication lifecycle with our AI and ML driven engine.

Automate your entire sales communication lifecycle with our AI and ML driven engine.


Salesforce Integration

Easily integrate with Salesforce, and free up your sales reps from looking for the appropriate content.


Sales Asset Management

Identify content that drives sales and make it available in one central place.


Sales Guidance

By reducing the time spent searching for content, Quark allows reps to experience active sales guidance for each prospect.

Sales Readiness

Prepare your sellers to meet expectations by providing skills that support the buyer throughout the sales process.

AI Enabled Content Search & Recommendations

Quark’s sales enablement recommends the most effective content for each client.


Content Driven Engagement

See how your buyers engage with your content and how it impacts your business.


Content Experiences

Through critical analysis you can deliver content that is easily used and enhances the buyer-seller-engagement process.


Engagement Analytics

With advanced analytics, you can get real time updates of your content. Critical insights like – Open, View, Session time, exit rate – help you hit the right spot at the right time.