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Download the Sales Enablement Resources below to keep up to date with the latest in Sales Asset Management and Marketing Operations. A must for any leader in Sales Enablement.

How to Build a Sales Portal is a guide that provides the tools you need to buy or build a sales portal in today’s fast-paced sales and marketing landscape. Get the competitive edge you need to identify the best solution for your organization, sell your portal internally, and encourage adoption among the sales team.

Whether you’re just starting your search for sales enablement solutions or it’s time to look for more effective options, download the new Sales Enablement Trends Report. It offers valuable insight from 262 sales and marketing professionals that will help you make sales enablement decisions.

According to SiriusDecisions benchmarking data, 75% of sales enablement professionals have identified 10 or more priorities for the next year. Many of these priorities will require you to build a plan that allows you to work closely with marketing, product and sales leadership while competing for resources.

To help, SiriusDecisions, the leading global B2B research and advisory firm, developed the “Sales-Enablement-Plan-on-a-Page.” The template outlines sales enablement priorities that support cross-functional alignment and provides a concise way to document the components of a sales enablement plan.

Download this SiriusDecisions Research Brief for:

  • Sales Enablement Plan Components
  • The SiriusDecisions Sales-Enablement-Plan-on-a-Page Template
  • A sample Sales Enablement Plan on Page that includes objectives, milestones, roles, KPIs, dependencies and ROI

As a sales enablement practitioner, you have a lot to consider as you begin planning for 2019. In fact, SiriusDecisions found that over 80 percent of sales enablement leaders have more than 10 critical initiatives to undertake in the next 12 months. For most, this will include initiatives related to sales content, training and coaching, talent acquisition, and more.

To help, SiriusDecisions, the leading global B2B research and advisory firm, published a research brief called “Sales Enablement: Planning Assumptions 2019.” It identifies six assumptions that should drive the agenda of sales enablement teams in the coming year.

Download this SiriusDecisions Research Brief to better understand:

  • Driving Engagement by Catering to Learning Preferences
  • Rethinking when Sales Onboarding is “Done”
  • Understanding the Importance of Managers to Attracting Sales Talent
  • Making Just-in-Time Enablement a Reality
  • Establishing an Enablement Charter that Mitigates Scope Creep

Sales Asset Management solutions help sales reps create, manage, package and distribute content effectively. Understanding this highly competitive, explosive market can be challenging but don’t worry, this new Sirius Technology Perspective can help.

Download this Technology Perspective to better understand:

  • Benefits of a Sales Asset Management solution
  • How Sales Asset Management is evolving
  • Core capabilities you should look for
  • Business priorities supported by this technology

In this webinar, SiriusDecisions’ Peter Ostrow shares how high-performing organizations rely on sales asset management platforms to address their sales enablement challenges. From developing powerful project sponsorship for adopting a sales asset management solution to managing the RFP and vendor selection, you’ll learn how to ensure that your company activates buyers through their journey, and empowers sellers through their cycle, with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

In this Webinar you will learn:

  • Why sales enablement is more than just sharing content between sales and marketing departments
  • Which content types are valued most by buyers at each stage of the buyer journey and attributing content to revenue
  • How sales asset management fits into broader sales enablement initiatives
  • Ensuring you select the most appropriate vendor for your sale asset management requirements

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