Import and edit any existing design, instantly

QuarkXPress is designed to maximize your productivity. You can import a PDF created in any other application and convert it instantly into a new project. You can also effortlessly copy and paste items from other apps like Adobe InDesign or Illustrator, Microsoft apps like PowerPoint or Word, Apple apps like Pages and Preview, and then edit content designs in QuarkXPress. You’ll be working like a team twice your size!


Truly powerful web publishing

QuarkXPress is in a league of its own when it comes to web publishing. To start, you can create stunning and responsive website designs using the drag and drop design blocks. Or you can also use QuarkXPress to publish either PDF, accessible PDF, ePub (fixed and reflowable), interactive flipbooks, Android and iOS mobile apps, or HTML5 all from a single project. When we say it’s powerful, we mean it!


Unrivaled character borders and shading

If typography design and control is valuable for you, QuarkXPress is a gamechanger. You get Unrivaled paragraph and character border and shading options that give you total control to refine a single letter, word, or paragraph without having to add any other layout element. Unleash your type and content design creativity!


Full Pantone Color Libraries included

Our free and full support for Pantone Color Libraries in QuarkXPress means you never have to worry that you can’t match a client’s brand guidelines or color palette again. Other design software requires you to pay an additional fee of around $89 per year just to have access to Pantone Color Libraries. A small thing that makes a big difference to your day-to-day projects!


Seamless image editing 

No more jumping between different apps for even the smallest tasks. QuarkXPress provides robust image editing all within the same app, saving you a ton of time. You can color correct images (in a non-destructive manner) or apply filters and effects, all from within QuarkXPress, removing the need for separate image editing software. See it for yourself!


Software license purchase options

QuarkXPress offers both perpetual software licenses and subscription licenses. So you can choose to buy the software upfront and keep it forever, and subscribe to ensure you always have access to the latest feature releases and updates. The choice is yours.

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QuarkXPress revolutionized professional desktop publishing 40+ years ago, and our tried and trusted software continues to innovate to this day. Check out What’s New in our 2024 release.


When it comes to page layout design for
print and digital publishing, QuarkXPress is #1

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