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Sales Enablement Stories

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Sales Enablement Innovators

When investing in any new technology solution, it’s critical not to lose sight of the reasons you started the journey. In the case of sales enablement, success metrics could include increased sales rep productivity and effectiveness, accelerated sales cycles, improvements to win rates, better sales and marketing alignment, revenue attribution for marketing-generated content, and content compliance — to name a few.

Quark’s customers span a range of industries and are achieving incredible results by implementing Docurated. What’s more, due to the plug-and-play approach of Docurated, customers derive value rapidly. Read our customer stories to discover the many benefits that a Docurated sales enablement platform could deliver to your organization.

Global Investment Bank case study

One of the world’s largest and most well-known investment banks faced a strategic challenge – increased competition from smaller and more focused wealth management firms. To remain competitive, the bank needed to empower advisors to deliver the high-end experience that clients expected. Within weeks, the bank rolled out Docurated, which is the sales enablement solution that 86% of the bank’s advisors selected over SAVO (now Seismic).

“We were filling inboxes with too many announcements. Reps ignored what we sent and used the public web to source content. This created a big compliance risk. Thanks to Docurated, in less than a month, we put reps in the best position to succeed with up-to-date news and information, personally curated and instantly accessible.”

“Docurated has transformed the way our teams locate content and share information, spending more time selling instead of searching.”

Andrew Kodner, VP of Sales Operations, Riverbed Technology

Empowering 200,000 Sales Consultants at Rodan + Fields

In less than two weeks Rodan + Fields deployed Docurated as a content intelligence layer on top of its existing document storage, email and CRM systems. The new platform gives 100,000 R+F consultants a “single source of truth” for sales content while marketing and sales enablement teams see a complete view of content use and engagement.

“Docurated helps me hone the narrative of my own Rodan + Fields story. This helps me form a personal connection with my customers.”

“Docurated bridges the gap between marketing assets and how they get rolled out to our sales team.”

Tim Bertrand, SVP Worldwide Sales, Acquia

Shortening Engagement Cycles to Drive Revenue at Repucom

Repucom, now Neilson Sports, is a leading sports and entertainment consultancy. With employees in 15 countries, Repucom struggled with global communication. Without a common platform for marketing and sales content, consultants were left searching email to find the most up-to-date and accurate content for clients and prospects. Docurated had an immediate impact by freeing up selling time, enabling collaboration and measuring content engagement.

“Docurated enabled us to ensure all market facing presentations, proposal and reports were of the highest quality, whilst shortening the engagement cycle which ultimately positively impacted our revenues.”
Danny Townsend, Global Chief Revenue Officer, Repucom

“Docurated has revolutionized the marketing and new business function at Havas. Without it, we would never have been fast enough to respond to and win a $750K RFP.”

Alexandra Wood, Global Product Director at Havas

Reviving Growth at a Global Advertising Company

Havas is a multinational advertising firm with a 500-person marketing team distributed across 20 global offices. Each team had their own file servers that were not accessible by colleagues in other offices, making it impossible to share or find institutional knowledge. Havas implemented Docurated and within two months the team gained complete visibility into what content is created, how it is presented to clients, and the outcomes of each presentation.

“Docurated has revolutionized the marketing and new business function at Havas. Without it, we would never have been fast enough to respond to and win a $750K RFP.”
Alexandra Wood, Global Product Director at Havas