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The Smart Approach to Asset Management Content

Creating and updating asset and wealth management content is an endless quarterly treadmill that drains marketing and distribution teams, leaving many asset management companies struggling to keep pace.

Quark’s content automation and sales enablement solution for asset and wealth management transforms the way you create, manage, publish, deliver and analyze content. Benefit from creating unparalleled content experiences for clients and prospects in a fraction of the time, using significantly less resources.

Improved client experience

Faster time to market

Lower risk of compliance and regulatory violations

Increased sales effectiveness

Significantly less marketing resource drain

Reduced localization cost and complexity

Solution Highlights

Automate Content and Data Updates

Create reusable content components (Smart Content) including data, narrative content, disclosures, tables, charts, PowerPoint slides and more. Then automatically assemble and update content as often as you need. Produce thousands of approved fund marketing documents in a fraction of the time.

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Omni-channel Publishing

Automatically transform content into every type of output from PDF, PowerPoint and Excel to responsive HTML5 and mobile apps with rich interactivity and design that engages prospects and clients. What’s more, Smart Content future proofs your content for whatever formats come next.

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Ensure Compliant Content

Reduce the risk of compliance and regulatory violations through consistent and accurate placement of legal disclosures. With Smart Content, disclosures and other legal content is authored and managed centrally. Disclosure updates and insertions are automatically applied to every content piece based on country-specific and other configured business rules.

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Deliver the Right Content to the Right People

With Smart Content, you can deliver highly customised content in print, web, mobile - for both clients and prospects. Predictive AI technology recommends the most appropriate content to sales reps. Engagement is tracked, so sales reps see who engages with content and marketing leaders know which content is driving revenue. What’s more, sales reps can easily customise content such as pitchbooks, all while staying compliant.

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Putting you in Control

Role-based access means writers, product marketers, sales and others can focus on the content that’s relevant to them. For example, choosing the type of chart to display or the best benchmark data to include in a content piece can be determined by product marketing. On-demand previews display how the content will look in each rendition, removing the constant back and forth with production teams.

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Drive Brand Governance

Content automation enables the central management of brand elements such as colours, fonts, styles, logos, and design templates. You can be assured that everything you produce drives a consistent brand experience.

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Ready. Set. Go.

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“Thanks to this totally reliable and secure system, other departments have asked us to produce their [Fund Fact] sheets, which is proof that there was enormous demand in this area.”

CM-CIC Asset Management

“With Quark’s fully integrated marketing content platform we can automate the production of thousands of compliant fund marketing documents every month with less resources and significantly reduced time to market.”

Global Asset Management Firm

“Our migration to a single content automation platform is not about cost savings. It is about a better experience for our customers and better content, better products.”

VP of Product Development & Delivery, IHS Markit

Feature Highlights

  • Powerful authoring tools
  • PowerPoint Smart Slide Decks
  • Automatic content updates with Smart Content
  • Fund data integration
  • Sales content management and analytics
  • Dynamic charts and tables
  • Rules-driven disclosure insertions and updates
  • Omni-channel delivery automation
  • Translation optimization and automation

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Content Types

  • Pitchbooks

  • Fund Fact Sheets

  • Fund Commentaries

  • Fund Profiles

  • Client Review Presentations

  • Investment Research Reports

  • Sales Enablement Content