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Graphic Design

Graphic design has always brought together words, images, colours, and other elements to communicate an idea or message effectively. In today's graphic design, designers need to know more than how to use these elements to output to a single medium. Designers must now have a broad skill set to design for print, Web, e-mail, mobile, and other digital formats. Clients and employers are increasingly asking for cross-media designs that include traditional elements as well as sound, video, animations, and interactivity in order to meet expanding requirements on limited or shrinking budgets.

Modern graphic design requires:

More information must be published more frequently than ever before. Companies are limited in terms of resources so employers expect their designers to do more instead of increasing staff levels.

Cross-media design
Graphic design for a single channel is a luxury hardly anyone can afford. Designers must know how to design for multiple media, and they must have tools that enable cross-media design.

To keep up with the pace of business, designers must create more "reusable" designs in the form of templates, and fewer one-off designs. Production and not design will be more automated, creating less manual, repetitive work for designers. Designers need to understand automation and become a part of it.

Designers are part of a publishing process in which they must collaborate with other teams across their organisations such as marketing and sales teams, legal reviewers, knowledge workers, and clients therefore they must design in a way that allows those non-designers to be brought into the publishing process.

Page Layout and Design for Print, Web, and Digital Media

QuarkXPress provides graphic designers with a single tool to meet today's technology-infused, cross-media design requirements. Using QuarkXPress, designers can:

  1. Design across media
    Create richly designed layouts for print, Web, interactive, and digital publishing, all with the same tool — no coding required
  2. Make rich design accessible
    Create richly designed templates for clients, agencies, and their companies for use in Quark Publishing System and Quark® Web-to-Print System, letting non-designers create and edit content in layouts in real time and enabling regional marketing teams and field staff to quickly create branded materials through Web portals
  3. Feed automated publishing systems
    Create templates for Quark Publishing System and Quark Web-to-Print System, into which content automatically flows, providing creative expertise where the designer's value matters most and speeding up downstream processes. This means understanding how designs should adapt to content and setting parameters accordingly.
  4. Push creativity to the limits
    QuarkXPress provides the most comprehensive, feature-rich, and intuitive foundation for cross-media design. Fine-tune typography and create custom margin alignment, unmatched by other tools. Use granular transparency controls down to the character level. Apply gorgeous drop shadows. Import files you created in Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop®, and Adobe Illustrator®. Directly export your designs as PDF (with or without native transparency), PDF/X, HTML, XHTML, Flash (SWF), Blio, and in other file formats — even for digital publishing targets such as the iPad and iPhone.

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"QuarkXPress 8 is the only program that I know of that incorporates professional-grade typography and layout with direct Web compatibility. It was elemental to bringing our vision to life."
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