Governments must deal with information of all kinds, including data, images, and narrative text, keeping it secure but still available to thousands of government employees based on their role, rank, or responsibility. Quark Enterprise Solution for Government accommodates the customisation and distribution of information to support the legislative, regulatory, and intelligence processes.


Quark XML Author and the Pubs-XML Accelerator combine to create a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) publishing solution certified for the U.S. Intelligence Community. Quark Enterprise Solution for Intelligence increases efficiency of XML-based authoring and dissemination of analytic products so directives issued by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence may be more easily met.

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Quark Enterprise Solution for eGovernment connects everyone in the decision-making process through a single system that provides a portal to view, author, comment on and review documents based on an individual's role and rank. It automatically routes documents through the workflow, indicating when a task has not yet been completed.

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The Irish Government implemented a dynamic publishing solution based on Quark XML Author and vastly improved the process that underlines decision-making in Ireland.
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