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Whether publishing to print, Web sites, or mobile devices, Quark can help you cost-effectively deliver cross-media content. Quark’s Products include QuarkXPress with Quark App Studio, as well as the Quark Enterprise Software collection: Quark Brand Manager, Quark Publishing System, QuarkXPress Server, Quark XML Author, and Quark Web-To-Print System. In the Products Topic Centre, discover how Quark Software can increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and give you a competitive edge.

Quark Brand Manager Demo

Quark Brand Manager is a business solution for corporate marketing that allows remote teams to create, customize, and deliver brand-marketing materials fast and easily.

Quark Publishing Platform with Microsoft SharePoint
Product Collateral

Connect your enterprise content management and workflow system to your publishing and creative services department with Quark Publishing Platform with Microsoft SharePoint.

Transform customer communications across print, Web, and mobile devices
Product Collateral

Automate your enterprise publishing to reduce time to market and provide customers with relevant communications when and where they want on the device of their choice with Quark Publishing Platform.

QuarkXPress Server 9.2
OnDemand eSeminar

Discover how QuarkXPress Server 9.2 supports QuarkXPress 9.2, provides usability enhancements, and delivers enhancements to automation and digital publishing.

Quark Publishing System 9.2
OnDemand eSeminar

Discover how Quark Publishing System 9.2 supports QuarkXPress 9.2, provides usability, automation, and digital publishing enhancements.

Making the Case for Brand Management
White Paper

Overview of marketing trends and challenges with a discussion of Quark’s brand management offering.

Reinventing the Datasheet
White Paper

The age of the customer is a reality, drastically changing the way customers interact with firms. This white paper considers the nature of today’s product datasheet challenges in this context and provides information about a solution based on Quark’s dynamic publishing software.