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Quark Marcom Platform

Are you a Marketing Communications or Creative Services team under pressure to produce design-rich materials to support product launches, build your brand, and drive sales? Do you struggle to create and deliver personalised, cross-media marketing campaigns to meet increasing requirements? How about harnessing the latest digital devices — such as the iPad — to reach your audience?

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

XML content can be automatically assembled into print, Web, e-mail, and other formats to produce limitless variations for multiple audiences.

If so, Quark software can help you develop an enterprise-wide, cross-media publishing platform to streamline your marketing production process, giving you an efficient and cost-effective way to create brand-compliant materials and automatically publish them to print, Web, mobile, and other digital formats.

Pitfalls of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing techniques undermine Marketing teams faced with increasing pressures and shrinking budgets. This is because they:

  • Rely on manual, e-mail-based processes to pass content, comments, and proofs from writers and designers to others, which is slow and allows errors to creep in
  • Are designed to create materials for one medium at a time, which requires more specialised tools and staff, driving up costs and increasing the chance for inconsistency
  • Are disconnected from the organisation's other business systems, which makes everyone depend on the Creative team for the smallest requests and creates a bottleneck

Benefits of Quark's Solution

Whether your designers create cross-media content in QuarkXPress or you have knowledge workers in other departments who contribute content, you can automate the assembly and delivery of this content to streamline your production process.

With Quark XML Author for Microsoft Word, you can connect everyone in your organisation directly to your publishing process by letting them submit their XML directly to design-rich templates and then trigger automatic production to all media types.

Smart Marketing: Quark Marcom Platform

To deliver attractive, brand-compliant materials across multiple formats, Marketing departments must adopt an efficient and cost-effective way to produce and publish cross-media materials, reducing bottlenecks at the Creative Services group and enabling anyone in the organisation to participate directly in the creation of brand-compliant materials. This is where Quark software comes in.

Quark's Marcom Platform is a suite of dynamic publishing software that helps Marketing departments automate their publishing process to print, Web, electronic, and digital formats; use a single, enterprise-wide system for project management, collaboration, and asset storage; and give knowledge workers across the organisation — including remote users — a self-service system to produce brand-compliant communications.

The suite consists of the following components:

Quark Publishing System
Set up collaborative workflows and automate your whole publishing process, from content creation and management through the delivery of cross-media communications, including publishing to the latest digital devices such as the iPhone®, iPad™, and Android™ devices.

Quark Publishing System Adapter to Microsoft SharePoint (Optional)
Connect your Creative and publishing system to the most widely used content management and business collaboration platform, which lets you establish an enterprise-wide content management and collaboration platform with all the power of a dynamic publishing system.

Quark XML Author for Microsoft Word (Optional)
Let any Microsoft Office user create reusable components of information in the familiar Word environment that can be automatically assembled in richly designed layouts and delivered to print, Web, electronic, and digital formats.

Quark XML Adapter for Microsoft SharePoint (Optional)
Manage XML documents and document components and track document status using Microsoft SharePoint.

By establishing an enterprise-wide, cross-media publishing platform, you can deliver materials to multiple media more quickly, improve accuracy, reduce bottlenecks, and lower overall marcom costs.

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Case Study

Case Study

"Our product managers are now in a position to quickly and effectively edit the catalogue pages for which they are responsible on their own, and they can check the layout in proof quality at any time with one mouse click. This saves time, money, and nerves."
— Kai Remy, Manager of Production Processes and Crossmedia-DB, Thomas Cook
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