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Advertising Production

Do you create ads for your business or for your clients for multiple publications, both print and online, in different sizes and different specifications? Do you need to reuse content for different ads and make full use of the capabilities of each medium — print and online — while ensuring brand consistency?

If so, you know that producing high-quality ads for multiple publications and online media quickly isn't easy, especially without multiplying costs.

Quark can help you meet the challenge of producing ads cost-effectively — whether you need a fully-automated solution for an agency or Marketing department that creates customised ads in high volume, or a desktop solution for ad production geared to a single designer.

The Dilemma of Cross-media Advertising

Creating ads for different media is costly and time-consuming. You cannot just reuse a print ad online; you must convert it for digital media. But mere conversion is not enough; your online ad may need fewer words, a larger typeface, and animations to catch the reader's attention. Still, some content (such as the slogan) needs to be identical, and the design needs to be consistent across different media to preserve your brand identity.

Using different tools to create ads for different media increases the dilemma: You have to master several software applications, and that increases training and software costs. Continually changing content and design in different applications is time-consuming and error-prone.

Moreover, you have to deliver ads that meet requirements for both print and online consumption, using the strengths of each channel to convey your message. But what you design for one media type might not be possible for a different media type, making your brand look different across channels.

Automatic Ad Production and Customised Ads

For high volumes of advertising and customised ads to meet specifications required by different publications, you can use the Quark Web-to-Print System. The Quark Web-to-Print System automatically builds high volumes of customised ads by filling QuarkXPress templates with text, pictures, and illustrations from your database, then automatically applying rules to adjust both text and graphics.

To set up automated production of customised communications, you first use a graphical interface in QuarkXPress to build rules-based, "smart" templates for Quark Web-to-Print System. These templates adjust your design to the content by scaling or cropping pictures, adjusting font sizes, automatically applying formatting, and scaling boxes — all within the parameters you specify in your design rules. The design even adjusts correctly if you change the height but not the width. This eliminates time-consuming manual adjustments.

If you do want to make manual adjustments, you can manipulate the design and content of a specific ad through a Web interface.

Use the Same Tool to Design and Produce for Multiple Media

Using QuarkXPress, designers can use a single tool for print, Web, and digital design.

With QuarkXPress, you can reuse content and design for multiple media by quickly converting your print ad into an interactive ad while using the same design and typography. It only takes a few mouse clicks to add video, sound, animations, and transitions. And you don't need to buy or learn new design tools because you are still working in QuarkXPress.

QuarkXPress not only helps you keep your design consistent across media types, but also lets you keep content synchronised across media; if you change the tagline for print, you can have the tagline in your Web ad change automatically.

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