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Technical Overview

Quark Web-to-Print System includes:

  • QuarkXPress Server with one subrenderer
  • Template creation XTensions® for QuarkXPress®
  • A database for storing and managing your templates and images
  • Web-based editing tools for creating and editing marketing materials online

Optional components:

  • A VDP module for personalised communications and catalogues
  • An Ad Production module to speed up the creation and delivery of multiple instances of an ad

Quark Web-to-Print System uses QuarkXPress Server to produce PDF, EPS, QuarkXPress, JPEG, PNG, Flash, and other formats with unsurpassed quality, speed, and accuracy.

Press-ready PDF, Flash, and QuarkXPress Output
At the end of the production process, designated file servers can receive PDFs that comply with any standard required for printing, including X-1a, X-3, and custom. Or if you prefer, the system will provide a file in EPS or PostScript format, or the QuarkXPress layout (along with all graphics and fonts).

Secure FTP
Once the user completes an order, press-ready PDFs can be taken directly off the server or zipped up and FTP'd to an off-site print facility, complete with ordering information.

Based on Open Standards
We use common, well-supported technologies — including PHP, Flash, MySQL, JavaScript, XML, and osCommerce with STS (Simple Templating System) — to make the system easy to deploy, customise, and maintain.

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Case Study

"Quark Web-to-Print System allows our designers to create templates, while enabling users with no previous design experience to customise templates for their particular location or business requirements through the Web."
- David Farmer, Founder and CEO, Ad Giants
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