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Ad Production Module

The Ad Production module of Quark Web-to-Print System speeds up the delivery of ads to an unlimited number of publications, reducing costs and production time and improving productivity.

Key Features


  • Reduce ad production cycle times by up to 80%
  • Reduce ad production overhead
  • Ensure brand compliance and content accuracy
  • Submit ads to multiple publications
  • Easily manage co-op advertising

Automated Resizing and Scaling
Generate multiple versions of the same ad for different publications based on their specific requirements; automatically resize them according to the page size of the ad (one-quarter, one-half, etc.), and customise content with variations such as local addresses and regional prices.

Production-ready Output, Automated Submission
The system generates high-quality, print-ready PDFs that can be approved and released directly to each publication via CertiFyle™.

Automatic Adjustment Based on Variable Content
You can configure the system so that it automatically deletes empty boxes, unnecessary bullets, extra spaces, and any other elements when not needed for a particular purpose. This is useful for unpredictable information, such as addresses, that can vary from a few to many lines.

Automated Enforcement of Design Rules
Automatically align content based on changes to the layout or variations in content to ensure that key brand elements follow your art director's rules.

Populate any section on a page with smart, self-fitting tables with any level of sophistication.

Area of interest
Select an area of an image that is most important so that when the image appears in different sizes and orientations, the system always maximises the area of interest.

Synchronised Templates
Make synchronised changes to multiple layouts at the same time, all in one template.

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"Quark Web-to-Print System allows our designers to create templates, while enabling users with no previous design experience to customise templates for their particular location or business requirements through the Web."
- David Farmer, Founder and CEO, Ad Giants
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