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Technical Modules

At the heart of Quark Publishing System is a multi-platform server that integrates with an SQL database. It manages all elements of a publishing workflow and enables you to manage the whole publishing process, from content creation and management to publishing and delivery to multiple media.

Users continue to use their preferred software, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXPress®, and any other application; check in and check out files; and collaborate with others. A graphical user interface makes it easy for administrators to set up, configure, and monitor the system, locally or remotely.

QuarkXPress Server
Quark Publishing System includes QuarkXPress Server, a publishing engine that automatically creates Flash® and XML output, as well as PDF, PostScript®, and EPS files.

Automation Services
Automation Services is a core component of Quark Publishing System that provides predefined functions to automate conversions.

You can convert:

  • XML content into QuarkCopyDesk® articles, QuarkXPress layouts, and PDFs
  • QuarkCopyDesk articles into XML, and
  • XML into HTML

A regular computer user can set up the automation of routine, manual tasks because no programming is required. This allows you to reduce the cost of building and customising an automated publishing process by up to 80%.

App Studio for Quark Publishing System
App Studio is an optional module of Quark Publishing System that allows you to create and publish iPad apps using your existing design and publishing tools. You can:

  • Configure a starter application to your branding and user interface requirements
  • Enrich existing/print content by adding sound, video, and other interactive features
  • Publish, deliver, and manage your app for the iPad or other digital device along with content, issues, and access to them

App Studio for Quark Publishing System includes:

  • Quark iPad starter application that serves as a starting point for configuring your app with your brand and user interface requirements
  • QuarkXPress XTension for enriching your content with interactivity best experienced through the iPad and other tablets
  • Web-based service for managing your apps

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End-user Modules

Web Hub
Web Hub provides browser-based access to Quark Publishing System so that you can create, edit, and copyfit text and upload and manipulate pictures. In addition, you can receive and track assignments, search for content, and monitor your projects. There's absolutely nothing to install or maintain on users' computers.


QuarkXPress is used by designers to create and edit complex page layouts for print, Web, and digital formats required in marketing communications, and forcatalogues, magazines, newspapers, and richly designed books. Integration with Quark Publishing System gives users direct access to all Quark Publishing System functions, such as searching for, assigning, and tracking the status of page elements, projects, and publications throughout the production process.

QuarkCopyDesk is a powerful text- and picture-editing application that delivers advanced editorial capabilities to Quark Publishing System. In addition to providing precise copyfit information and access to style sheets, notes, and redlining, it allows users to load pictures and crop, scale, rotate, and flip them. Users can see documents in multiple views simultaneously through several viewing modes, including Full Screen, Galley, WYSIWYG and a "Split Screen" feature.

Connect Client
Connect Client allows users of third-party applications, such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Illustrator®, to access Quark Publishing System to check in and check out their files.

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