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Secondary Schools

Affordable Design Software for Your Entire School

QuarkXPress® 10

Save over 90%
off the commercial list price through volume licensing

Bring the power of professional design and publishing software to your entire school — or your school district — at one affordable price!

With Quark's school licenses, you can use QuarkXPress® in your classroom or across your school, from vocational, design and yearbook classes to maths, history, foreign languages, and more.

Classroom licenses start at just £35/90 € per license and unlimited School Licenses are just £1,750/2.575 €.

Plus, one serial number and one license make managing your classroom or school license easy!

Programme Benefits: Cost Savings

  • Save over 90% off the commercial list price through volume licensing
  • No complicated points structure or discount levels to maintain allowing organisation the security of low pricing at all times

Software Management

  • Easy Activation
    Easily activate your software with a single serial number that can be applied on a specified number of school computers
  • Electronic Software Delivery
    Increased efficiency of license deployment with free-of-charge Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) upon request
  • Cross-platform Support
    All QuarkXPress education licenses include cross-platform serial numbers (Mac OS® and Windows®), so it's easy to switch platforms if your needs change

Customer Support: We’re Here for You

  • All Quark Education licensing purchases include unlimited technical support by phone, e-mail and chat, access to our online Knowledgebase and Self-Service Portal 24x7.

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