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Books and User Guides

Whether you’re an independent user or collaborating with a group, QuarkXPress® is a powerful tool that can help you meet your book-publishing needs.

Easily Construct Books with Master Pages and Automatic Page Insertion

What Customers Are Saying:

“QuarkXPress is the tool for me. Especially for 300-page, heavily illustrated books — of which I must have desgined near-on 2000 or more.”
– Mark Tennent, ITPRo

With QuarkXPress, you can easily design and update chapters, sections, and pages by placing common elements onto master pages. Then, using the design specifications you establish in your master pages, QuarkXPress automatically expands chapters to accommodate typed or imported text and assures design conformity no matter how many pages your book contains.

Plus, you can use automatic standard or custom page numbering that can be displayed in tables of contents and indexes.

Managing Chapters and Contributors

The Books feature provides user, access, and print management for large books and when multiple users work on various chapters of a book. Users can check in and check out chapter documents, and can edit and print chapters without having to open chapter files.

Flexible or Strict Layout — The Choice is Yours

You can keep your layouts well-aligned and perfectly consistent by locking text and snapping items to a page grid based that you define. And you can create beautiful books with stunning visual elements using built-in picture, text, and illustration tools.


  • Books feature lets you manage chapters, users, and printing
  • Master pages reduce repetitive tasks by managing common elements
  • Automatic page numbering lets you create automatic indexes and tables of contents
  • Job Jackets® provide continuity across documents, including styles, output options, page sizes, and more
  • Advanced design tools provide limitless options for page layout
  • Fine typography tools such as H&Js, hanging characters, and drop caps optimise text

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