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“After many years using InDesign, I looked again at QuarkXPress. I don't know why, probably because I’m curious…or because I see the slow development of InDesign and I'm tired of debugging and paying rent. What I found surprised me a lot! After having put it to the test for several weeks, now QuarkXPress is in my toolbox again and…well, it works way better than InDesign.”
- Gianni S.

If a company told you you’d have to pay them a monthly fee or you’d lose all access to your own work and the tools you used to create that work, would you call it a good deal? Willingly entering such an arrangement seems crazy to many consumers.

Since Adobe introduced their Creative Cloud subscription model, more and more creative professionals are seeking ways to escape the ongoing payment plan. And not necessarily due to the expense of renting software. Most designers look for alternatives primarily to avoid having to pay “forever” to have access to their work and tools. Many want to own their software because it offers the freedom to open files, access work, and upgrade – all when it’s right for them.

Quark offers a perpetual license model where you own the software license you purchase.

Ready to make the switch? Prefer a fair model, where a software vendor offers you time-saving tools and productivity enhancements and you decide whether it is worth its money? Then switch to QuarkXPress!

Quark is currently offering a competitive upgrade which is a full new perpetual license. You own the software. All you need is a qualifying product, such as Adobe InDesign or Photoshop (see full list of qualifying products). And when switching or adding QuarkXPress to your workflow you are saving £376/€430 on the full product price. That’s more than 50% off a new, unrestricted commercial license of QuarkXPress 2018.

Available for Mac and Win

Top 10 Reasons to Switch to QuarkXPress

As every creative professional has different preferences and a variety of projects it’s difficult to pick the areas that will be most important to everyone, but here’s our take on the reasons to switch. Feel free to check out our feature comparison though to explore your personal reasons to switch.

  1. No monthly subscription – buy the license own it “forever”
  2. Much more intuitive user interface, less palette clutter, and faster time to results
  3. Convert any PDF or InDesign file to editable QuarkXPress objects
  4. Non-destructive Image Editing
  5. Superior typographic controls, e.g. for kerning pairs, font tracking tables and text variables
  6. More granular design control for optical margin alignment, gradients and opacity
  7. Copy objects from InDesign & Illustrator, copy pie charts from Excel etc. and paste them as editable QuarkXPress objects
  8. Output unlimited iOS and Android Single apps for free
  9. Convert Print layouts into interactive HTML5 Publications
  10. Lower cost of ownership. And only pay money when you see value in the next upgrade.

Still have questions or concerns? Read the frequently asked questions below where we aim to answer the most common questions about switching to QuarkXPress. If your questions are not answered below, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Questions and Answers

We believe QuarkXPress can be the center of all your creative projects. For projects where QuarkXPress isn’t the right fit, we can help you find the right tools. It’s better to select the right tools for the job than being restricted to pre-selected tools that you pay for even if you don’t use them.
You should decide for yourself which tool is the best for you. QuarkXPress offers a broad range of high-end creativity and productivity tools, some of which InDesign does not offer today or only offers elementary control. Users, who access both QuarkXPress and InDesign on a regular basis, report that QuarkXPress has a much more intuitive user interface, less clutter, and faster control via shortcut-enabled palettes. Check out the feature comparison table and the complete feature list.
PDF is the real industry standard in the graphics and design industry. It is an ISO standard, whereas neither InDesign’s file format nor QuarkXPress’ file format can be called a standard.

When it comes to print, what really matters is the ability to create high quality PDF files. Modern print companies will require you to submit a high-quality PDF/X. QuarkXPress can create PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3 and PDF/X-4 and uses the same technology to ensure standards compliance that is used by Acrobat.
Though QuarkXPress is sold as a perpetual license that requires a one-time payment – which can seem more expensive than monthly payments – over time it’s actually cheaper. InDesign is only available as rental model (Creative Cloud subscription). This means you either pay approx. £20/23 every month (single product) or approx. £60/€60 (Full Creative Cloud). If you stop paying, you cannot open files created by InDesign and you may even lose work if it’s stored in the cloud.

The QuarkXPress license model is different. It is available as an unrestricted perpetual license you purchase once and then you own for a lifetime. It is activated on your machine, there are no such limitations and you can even activate the license on a second computer such as your home or laptop computer. You store your files where you want, locally or in the cloud. And you are free to choose a cloud storage provider that fits your needs and budget - some are even for free e.g. Dropbox, iCloud. And the best thing is that YOU can decide when you want to upgrade to a newer version. The current upgrade price from the latest version is £185 per year and you can save even more if you optionally decide to take out an Upgrade Plan.

Quick calculation: A monthly InDesign rental with Creative Cloud for £60/€60 a month may sound low, but that adds up to £720 /€720 in the first year and nearly £3,000/€3000 in four years! Even if you purchase a license of QuarkXPress (£349/€399) and three yearly upgrades (£159/€185 x3) you will still save over £1,900/€1900. Save even more with an Upgrade Plan.

Alternative calculation: Even when you decide to only rent InDesign (£20/€23 per month), you pay £960/€1104 over four years. QuarkXPress costs you £349/€399 in the first year and £159/€185 per year for year 2 to 4 (if you decide to buy every upgrade). Total: Between £349/399 and £954/€1104 (upgrade dependent).
Surprisingly not. First, it depends what you mean by integration. If you use Adobe’s smart objects, then yes, InDesign is better integrated with Illustrator and Photoshop. However, most people need to import AI and PSD files. And here QuarkXPress offers unique functionality: QuarkXPress can import both AI and PSD and allows you to adjust blend modes of PSD layers. This is something InDesign can’t do. And you can even convert AI files into native QuarkXPress objects, allowing you to modify Bézier curves created in Illustrator as if they were originally created in QuarkXPress. Again, something InDesign can’t do; you need Illustrator for that.

And QuarkXPress’ ability to make vector objects editable is not limited to Adobe’s file formats, you can also make other objects editable, such as PDF files, objects from Microsoft Office, Corel and Affinity.
High-level? Maybe. If you care about detail and control, QuarkXPress gives you more. One of the biggest strengths of QuarkXPress is control over typography. For example, QuarkXPress has the unmatched ability to apply horizontal AND vertical kerning that allows you to edit kerning pairs of a font. Or think about optical margin alignment. InDesign offers you automation but what Adobe thinks is best. With QuarkXPress, you create the rules as to how QuarkXPress should align characters at the margin. It’s automation but controlled by you. Need variables? In InDesign variables do not line wrap, meaning when they come to the end of a line and do not fit, InDesign will automatically kern them, up to being illegible. QuarkXPress just line wraps variables, as if they were normal text.

With QuarkXPress we even added new typography features, e.g. proportional leading and text shading. Try the new text shading feature which offers you typographic possibilities not seen before in layout applications.
You will be surprised, you can do more in your layout application when you use QuarkXPress. Sure, for specialist tasks you will need special tools and there are many high-quality tools available. However, for many of your daily tasks, QuarkXPress doesn’t require you to switch to another tool:
  • Need to adjust contrast of an image or apply sharpening just before output? You can do that in QuarkXPress. Fast, modern, non-destructive.
  • Need to adjust a logo or an illustration? Create from scratch with powerful Bézier tools in QuarkXPress or import an AI, EPS or PDF file with vectors and convert it to editable vector objects in QuarkXPress.
You can either copy and paste InDesign objects into QuarkXPress and continue working there – QuarkXPress keeps text as text and makes vector objects editable. Or you import the PDF file created by InDesign and make it editable. Additionally, you can convert InDesign IDML files directly into editable QuarkXPress objects that retain attributes such as style sheet names and master pages.
Here are some high-quality tools that we can recommend:
  • Photo Editing: Affinity Photo, Acorn
  • Illustration: CorelDraw (Windows only), Gravit Designer
  • PDF Editor: callas pdfToolbox
  • RAW Developer - Capture One
  • Video Editing: Da Vinci Resolve, Apple Final Cut
  • HTML Editor: BlueGriffon, PineGrow
  • HTML Creation, Animations: Hype
  • Prototyping: Sketch
  • Visual effects, title editor: Apple Motion, Blackmagic Fusion
Yes. With QuarkXPress 2018, you can create single apps for iOS, directly from your desktop without paying Quark anything additional. You can create eBooks in ePub and Kindle format, directly out of QuarkXPress. And if you need to create HTML experiences, in flipbook or publication-like styles, then HTML5 Publications allow you to simply convert print layouts to HTML5 with stunning interactivity such as animations, slideshows, audio and video. And of course, HTML5 Publications are also adaptive to different device sizes. Best of all, HTML5 Publications export to your desktop which means you own the HTML5 and can use it on any standard Web server.
CS6 runs well on Windows 10 and macOS Sierra. And it will continue to run, even if you purchase the competitive upgrade to QuarkXPress 2018. So feel free to continue to use Creative Suite. However we are sure that as the digital world and QuarkXPress continue to evolve, at some point you may not need Creative Suite anymore.
We are here to help. Get access to our exclusive QuarkXPress Mastermind Facebook Group where users, experts, and Quark support answer almost every question. Watch the free tutorials and see how easy and intuitive QuarkXPress can be used even to accomplish complex design projects. Also for advanced designers you can follow publishing expert and book author Martin Turner who releases one free training video per week or try out Lynda.com QuarkXPress Essential Training (10-day free trial available). Technical questions will be answered in our forums or in very special cases use our technical support (first 60-days are free after purchase, then you can purchase support tickets if needed).
To help you make the decision we offer you direct access to a free 7-day trial version. Simply fill out the form here and you will hear from us soon.
It is called the Competitive Upgrade to QuarkXPress 2018. Anyone who can prove he/she has a qualifying product can get a new full perpetual QuarkXPress 2018 license for only £399 (instead of £849). Qualifying products for example are: Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe PageMaker, Capture One Pro, CorelDraw, Microsoft Publisher and Serif PagePlus. All versions of qualifying products are accepted, perpetual and rental schemes, also all license types (education, non-profit, commercial). Learn more about the competitive upgrade offer here.

QuarkXPress – The Smart Alternative to InDesign

QuarkXPress is graphic design and page layout software used by hundreds of thousands of users around the world who value quality and performance in their daily production of print and digital products. Built on a 64-bit architecture with uniquely innovative features, QuarkXPress has surpassed the competition as the most modern and efficient design software on the market today. Learn more about QuarkXPress 2018, the next new version of QuarkXPress.

Competitive Upgrade Offer

Get QuarkXPress 2018 – Over 50% Discount/Save £450!

For a limited time and for only £399 (£849) you get a full new commercial QuarkXPress 2018 license (Mac/Win)
This saves you £450! The perpetual license runs “forever” and can be upgraded in the future.

If you have one of the following products you qualify for this offer:

Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Photoshop, Capture One Pro, CorelDraw, Microsoft Publisher and Serif PagePlus. All versions of qualifying products are accepted, perpetual and rental schemes, single products, or part of a suite or part of any Creative Cloud.

Additional to the life-time license you get:

  • PROMO: Now including 12 professional Fontsmith typefaces worth £1,240/€1,376. Learn more!
  • Perpetual QuarkXPress 2018 license
  • 60-day free technical support
  • Access to our exclusive QuarkXPress Facebook Mastermind Group
  • QuarkXPress Video Tutorial Series from publishing expert Martin Turner
  • Cross platform license, allowing you to run QuarkXPress on Mac and Win
  • Dual-activation, allowing for installation on two computers

Prices not including tax. Terms and Conditions.

How does it work?

  1. Make sure you own a qualifying competitive product which must be registered in your name.
  2. Scan the invoice or take a screenshot of that software (including serial number) on your computer.
  3. Purchase the QuarkXPress 2018 Competitive Upgrade (this will be a new full commercial perpetual license, ESD download only, upgradeable) through our eStore, Direct Sales Team or an Authorized Reseller.

  • When purchasing through our direct sales team you will be asked to email the proof. A Quark sales rep will validate your information and once accepted provide you with the validation code and installation instructions to get QuarkXPress 2018 installed.
  • When purchasing through the Quark eStore or a reseller you will need to visit identit-e.com/quarkupgrade and upload your proof here. The platform will validate your information and once accepted e-identity will provide you with the validation code and installation instructions to get QuarkXPress 2018 activated.

Minimum System Requirements

QuarkXPress 2017 & 2018 support the newest three operating systems from both MacOS and Windows. Full list of System Requirements for QuarkXPress 2017 and 2018.

Mac: El Capitan (OS X 10.11), Sierra (MacOS 10.12) and High Sierra (MacOS 10.13)
Windows: Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 (64 bit only, with latest updates)

What customers and the press say about QuarkXPress

“With version 2018 Quark takes over technical leadership among its competitors as it continues to build out functionality in several areas, including PDF generation, scripting, OpenType integration and free single-app creation for mobile devices. Not to be forgotten is the wealth of ideas of the users, with whom Quark stands in unprecedented exchange.”
Detlev Hagemann, Publisher

“The new version of QuarkXPress overtakes the competitor Adobe InDesign in some exciting areas. Version 2018 was stable and performed well in our tests. The upgrade is worth it!”
Thomas Kaltschmidt, mac&i

“Although the name Quark associates some of the antiquity of desktop publishing, QuarkXPress is still a true alternative to InDesign. This is not only due to the fact that the software has been continuously developed, but also the more attractive pricing model for small and large customers.”
Markus Linden, PAGE

“After my first attempts with QuarkXPress 2018, I'm very impressed. I feel like a kid with a big bag of miracles...especially the typographic features and the tidy UI. Equally brilliant is the conversion of PDFs into native objects - which saves me so much time! I am looking forward to the first complete production run of our magazine with QuarkXPress. Your programmers have forged a fine piece of software!”
W. Meisel

“We already use the new hyphenation strictness levels extensively in two magazines for unjustified content area such as opening credits, subheadings, captions and quotations, number and info boxes, unjustified notifications and unjustified table of contents. In this area, QuarkXPress 2018 is now even more reliable. So far there have been very few mistakes in comparison to other products. Now content can be even more efficiently hyphenated at the right place within compound words. I have also tested this with the text frame collapsed (for example, if a picture should not be two-column, but only one column and the caption is also compressed). No problem, is has worked extensively.”
T. Schürger and B. Weixler

“QuarkXPress 2018 first impression: wow fast, very fast!”
M. Parienti

“Got my update today - thank you. At first glance I’m very pleased with the speed QuarkXPress 2018 opens and the new features, including colour fonts.”
E. McCafferty

“Thank you to Quark for rolling out the new version today. :) Installation on High Sierra works like a charm. No issues seen so far.”
T. Rabenstein

“I discovered the new version – 2018 - and am excited by the new measurement panel. –It’s timesaver number 1 for me personally. I tried to generate an HTML5 Publication. The result works perfectly, elegantly and smoothly in the browser.”
J. Verlík

“After many years of using InDesign, I took another look at QuarkXPress. I don't know why, probably because I ‘m curious…or because development of InDesign is slow and I'm tired of debugging for free while paying the rent. But what I've found surprised me a lot. After having put it to test for several weeks, now QuarkXPress is in my toolbox again and…well, it works way better than InDesign.”
G. Saccardo

“I just upgraded from my 1998 license of QuarkXPress 4.1 because QuarkXPress 2018 is such a strong product.”
A. McAlmont

“Our decision to switch from InDesign to QuarkXPress was based on the much simpler production of high-quality HTML5 publications.”
S. Burkhardt, publisher of the online magazine "free.aero”

“What I love most about the new version of QuarkXPress is the increased ability to convert print layouts to digital layouts (and vice versa) accurately and with ease. This, together with Quark’s unmatched typographic control and the new OpenType functionality (now also available for e-books and HTML5 publications), gives me complete flexibility to produce high-quality designs for both print and online publications. Rating 5/5.”
J. Foster

“QuarkXPress 2018 gives me a huge productivity benefit by allowing for the conversion of PDF files to editable objects. For me that’s huge. I can reuse existing PDF files and export them as high-quality PDF/X-4 for print; which can also be PDF/A compliant if that is something my customers require for archiving or accessibility. Rating 5/5.”
G. Sellars

“On an aggressive upgrade cycle, QuarkXPress 2018 responds to user requests for heavy duty features like JavaScript 8, native Android app creation, a new PDF engine and hyphenation quality - a feature much needed but nowhere previously seen. Colour fonts add fun, but, as always, it is the experience of refined power that sets QuarkXPress apart.”
M. Turner

“Designers will love the color fonts. Think of the time it can save. Now you just type and it's done!”
K. Lang