Reliable Print Output

The most gorgeous print layout in the world is no good if you can’t print it. With over two decades of experience as the premiere tool for creating high-quality printed output, QuarkXPress® has the tools you need to make sure that your layouts look the way you design them, both on the screen and on the press, without time-consuming troubleshooting and tweaking.


Support for verified PDF/X-4 Output

QuarkXPress allows users to create PDF/X-4 files. The exported PDF/X-4 files are verified with the same technology used inside Adobe Acrobat. With this latest standard, designers can preserve transparency to enable faster output, smaller files and higher quality print output.

Soft Proofing

With ICC profiles and a powerful colour-management engine, QuarkXPress can display “soft” previews of what a layout will look like when it is printed to a variety of different output devices — so you can see how a document will look when output in grayscale, or when converted from spot colour to CMYK.

Using Soft Proofing lets you simulate on screen the colour characteristics of a given output device. You can choose among several output options, or create your own based on ICC device profiles.

Spot Inks (Including PANTONE Matching System)

QuarkXPress provides you with a full suite of spot-colour models from which to choose, including libraries from TRUMATCH®, FOCOLTONE®, DIC®, TOYO®, and more than a dozen different PANTONE® libraries, including PANTONE colours such as the new Goe and GoeBridge.

QuarkXPress® provides a comprehensive selection of colours, including the industry-standard PANTONE® colour library, so you can achieve the look you want.

Bleed and Registration Marks

Accurately control and specify page size, bleeds, and colour alignment with trim, registration, and bleed marks that can be included in EPS, PDF, and print output.

You can ensure accurate, high-quality printing by using the specific bleed and registration marks required for your print workflow.

Configurable PDF Job Options

QuarkXPress takes some of the guesswork and complexity out of PDF generation by allowing you to package settings for marks, compression, colour management, font embedding, metadata, and more into named Output Styles. That makes it easy to maintain 100% compliance with your output providers’ requirements, even if you use several different providers.

QuarkXPress® provides PDF export options so you can configure your PDFs with the specific parameters required by your output provider.

PDF Pass-Through Transparency

Let it Rip

Avoid flattening and create smaller, more nimble, device-independent PDFs. QuarkXPress objects can interact with placed PDFs and maintain the transparency throughout your workflow.

A deep understanding of PDFs enables transparency information to flow to final output. Placed PDFs can interact with native QuarkXPress objects without either needing to be flattened. Very complex transparency relations can be managed including blend modes and group transparency as well as how it composites from one object to another.

Reusable Output Styles

Output Styles let you name and store groups of settings for print, EPS, and PDF output, so you don’t have to manually change output configurations when you switch between different output requirements. You can store settings for scale, colour management, printers’ marks, fonts, bleed, transparency, OPI, and more.

You can simplify output of your QuarkXPress® projects for multiple purposes with differing requirements by capturing output settings and creating Output Styles. Then simply select the output style without having to manually adjust the output options every time.

ICC Colour Management

Ensure Consistent Colour with ICC Colour Profiles

ICC colour management makes it easy for you to maintain consistent, predictable colour on the screen, during proofing, and on the press. You can even preview on the screen what a layout will look like on different output devices.

Setup ICC profiles for your colour sources and output devices to ensure predictable colour conversions throughout your workflow.

Overprint Control

QuarkXPress gives you full control over overprinting — both for delicate content such as small text, and for blacks in imported EPS pictures.


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