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Bullets and Numbering

Take Command of Lists and Outlines with Bullet,
Numbering, and Outline Styles

The Bullet, Numbering, and Outline Styles feature makes it easier than ever to create and maintain bulleted lists, numbered lists, and outlines in QuarkXPress®. Instead of manually inserting bullets and numbers and manually formatting paragraphs to accommodate them, you can simply choose a bullet or numbering style from a drop-down menu.

Instead of manually adjusting indents in a multilevel outline, you can change indents at the click of a button without creating local formatting. And instead of manually maintaining the numbering for a list, you can let QuarkXPress do the job for you.

How it Works

  1. If you’re in a hurry, just apply one of the default bullet or numbering styles to your text
  2. If you’ve got complex data to display, create your own outline styles with whichever bullet characters and number formats you need
  3. Associate bullet, numbering, and outline styles with paragraph style sheets

At a glance:

  • Maintain automatic bullets and numbering when importing and exporting text in Microsoft® Word format
  • Create custom bullet, number and outline styles
  • Configure up to nine unique outline levels
  • Associate character style sheets with bullet and numbering styles or inherit formatting from the paragraph
  • Control bullet and number offset, alignment, and relative or absolute size
  • Easily access bullet, numbering, and outline styles from the Measurements palette
  • Take advantage of automatic renumbering
  • Include bullet, numbering, and outline styles in Job Jackets®

Additional Resources:

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