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Do you need to keep style and colour definitions consistent within a workgroup? Would you like to be able to have more than one person working on a layout at the same time — even if they’re in different locations? Would you like to be able to import an Excel® spreadsheet, then automatically update the layout when the spreadsheet changes? QuarkXPress® helps you to make sure that when you work with others, you’re really working together.

Composition Zones®
Let Several People Work on the Same Layout Simultaneously

Job Jackets®
Share and Synchronise Resources and Catch Errors Before They Occur

Import Tables and Charts from Microsoft Excel

QuarkXPress lets you import data from Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets, make it beautiful, and then update the content from the Excel file without losing any formatting.

Shared Auxiliary Dictionaries

QuarkXPress makes it easy to supplement its powerful hyphenation and spell checking with your own custom sharable auxiliary dictionary.

Integration with QuarkCopyDesk

QuarkCopyDesk® lets content creators concentrate on design without worrying about layout.

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