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Quark Volume Licensing Program

Getting the most out of your investment in Quark software

How do you make sure your company's employees have access to the software they need, when they need it?

  • Quark® Volume Licensing Program (QVLP): Allows you to purchase Quark software licenses to the latest version at the most cost-effective price and provides additional benefits.
  • QuarkXPress® Maintenance (QM): Protects your current investment.

Experience the Benefits of Licensing:

  • Only buy the licenses you need, but install company-wide, including laptop users
  • Starts from just two licenses and upgrade from QuarkXPress 6 & 7
  • Working with freelancers is made easy with Quark License Administrator (QLA)
  • Work from home using Quark License Administrator (QLA)
  • Immediate discounts apply – the more licenses you buy, the bigger the discount, and no agreement is required
  • Consolidate multiple licenses into one agreement for FREE
  • Buying QuarkXPress 8 allows you to run your previous version alongside it
  • Activation-based licensing means you don't have to run a license over a network but can install onto specific machines
  • Cross-platform, so can be installed on Macs or PCs

So you will:

  • Save money
  • Simplify your purchases
  • Reduce your costs
  • Protect your investment

Quark licensing is available for commercial, government, not-for-profit, and education customers.

Customer Profile

QVLP is ideal for any organisation that uses or needs multiple QuarkXPress licenses, starting from as few as two licenses.

Volume Discounts

Standard QVLP volume tiers and discounts:

Volume tiers Volume discounts
Tier Number of licenses Full product Upgrades
A 2-4 2.5% 2.5%
B 5-24 5% 5%
C 25-49 10% 7.5%
D 50-99 15% 10%

With QVLP, volume discounts are both transactional and cumulative, which means you get the best of both worlds. The discount level for a particular transaction is determined by the number of licenses you currently own and the number of licenses you are purchasing*. And, unlike other programmes, every license you own counts toward the calculation of your price level, no matter when or how the license was purchased or what version it is. Graduation to the next tier is automatic and immediate.

For example, if you currently own 25 licenses but only 10 of them are the latest version, your transactions under QVLP would qualify for the tier C discount. You would remain at tier C until a transaction takes place that increases your cumulative purchases to a total between 50 and 99 licenses. At that time, you would qualify for the tier D discount.

To be eligible for QVLP, you must own or be purchasing a minimum of two QuarkXPress licenses. You can add to an existing QVLP in single units.

Concurrent Licensing

Licenses purchased under QVLP can be run concurrently using our complimentary license management software, Quark License Administrator (QLA).


In order to be eligible for the QVLP price discounts, you must own or be purchasing more than one QuarkXPress license. There are no other minimum purchase requirements or qualification criteria.

Keep in mind that you may already own your minimum, so you can start saving on upgrades and new licenses immediately!


Fulfillment is via a Media Pack, which includes the QuarkXPress installers and complimentary QLA software. The license is sent electronically, and is referred to as the CIC (Customer Information Card).

Programme Term

QVLP is a transactional program, which means there is no start date or end date to your participation in the program. At the time of your transaction, your volume tier is calculated and the corresponding percentage discount is applied to the prevailing standard retail price for QuarkXPress.

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