Help Managing Licenses

Information on updating, transferring, or replacing licenses and consolidating serial numbers.

Updating/Transferring Ownership

It is important that you provide Quark® with up-to-date ownership information about your Quark products in order to avoid any interruption in ownership benefits (such as upgrade information and technical support).

Updating Information
Please notify us if you've changed your address or phone number. Ownership information should also be updated if, for example, the person designated as the primary product contact within your company leaves, or if your company name changes.

Transferring Ownership
This document should provide information about new contacts and serial numbers. We must also receive complete transfer documentation. Incomplete information or discrepancies may result in denial of the transfer request. Please fax your documentation to +1 307.772.7122 to initiate the transfer process.

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How to obtain program disk replacements.

Registering Products
How to register your products with Quark, establish ownership, and ensure full, uninterrupted support

Consolidating Serial Numbers
Two or more copies of QuarkXPress can be consolidated, in order to simplify internal administration and consolidate support coverage.

Consolidating Serial Numbers
Organisations that have two or more copies of QuarkXPress® software can consolidate their serial numbers into one parent serial number. Consolidating serial numbers reduces the burden on your IT department by simplifying installation and record-keeping procedures, and it gives all users access to Quark technical support and customer service with a single serial number. There is a fee for consolidating or deconsolidating licenses.

Requirements for Consolidation
You must own at least two copies of the software, each registered with a unique serial number. All copies must be at the current release version of the software. If all or some copies are not at the current release version, you must upgrade them before you can consolidate.

Please contact Quark Customer Service to initiate the consolidation process.

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Consolidation and Maintenance Plans

If you have purchased a maintenance plan for one of the copies being consolidated, you can expand the service plan to cover all the consolidated copies. This process works as follows:

If you are consolidating multiple maintenance plans, the new plan will inherit the earliest renewal date that applied to any of the licenses previously purchased.

All consolidated copies will be covered under that serial number and that maintenance plan until the plan expires.

If you do not have a maintenance plan, you can purchase a one-year site service plan for €149 (£129 or CHF 229) per seat (copy of the software) or a two-year site maintenance plan for €229 (£199 or CHF 349) per seat (copy of the software) as part of the consolidation.

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You may deconsolidate multiple copies of software that are under the umbrella of a parent serial number. The fee for deconsolidation is €70 (£50, CHF 115) per seat (copy of the software). For more information, contact Quark Customer Service.

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