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Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQ applies only to users in Europe.

QuarkXPress® Customer Service General

What's the difference between an update and an upgrade?
Updates are usually small, incremental maintenance releases to fix particular software defects. Upgrades include substantial feature enhancements.

Even though QuarkXPress 8 has been released, can I still purchase or upgrade to version 7?
Yes. You can still purchase or upgrade to version 7 by calling Quark Customer Service. Note, though, that QuarkXPress 7 is available only as a download.

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QuarkXPress customer service educational and nonprofit organisations

Do you offer special pricing to nonprofit organisations?
Yes. See Nonprofit Pricing for more information. Nonprofit pricing is not offered on upgrades, replacement disks, and service plan purchases.

Do you offer special pricing to educational institutions? What about to students?
Yes. See educational users for more information. Special pricing is not offered on replacement disks, or maintenance plan purchases.

Which version of QuarkXPress is available for educational and nonprofit users?
Educational and nonprofit users can purchase the latest version of QuarkXPress. See Customer Programs for more information.

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QuarkXPress Customer Service Licensing

What is Quark® License Administrator?
Quark License Administrator (QLA) is license management software that simplifies the administration of multi-seat installations of Quark products. Designed with network administrators in mind, QLA makes it easy to control user access, increase the number of licensed seats, and instantly acquire additional licenses to meet the needs of expanding workflows. See Quark License Administrator for more information.

Can I install the same copy of QuarkXPress on my computer at work and my computer at home?
A single-user license of QuarkXPress allows you to install the software on two computers for non-concurrent usage.

If you require a QuarkXPress license for concurrent usage on more than one computer, you must purchase a copy for each computer on which you want to run QuarkXPress.

Alternatively, you can purchase a site license through the Quark volume licensing programme (minimum of two licenses of QuarkXPress configured to run with one serial number). If your QuarkXPress software is part of our volume licensing programme, Quark License Administrator (QLA) will manage your licenses.

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QuarkXPress customer service purchase and replacement

My company already owns five copies of QuarkXPress, but now we need to buy another five copies. Will you give us a price break on the software?
Please have a look at our volume licensing program, which enables you to purchase QuarkXPress licenses and upgrades at the most cost effective price.

How do I get a replacement QuarkXPress CD?
While a customer service representative can order replacement media, it is best to call technical support first. It is often the case that another underlying issue is the cause of the problem, and waiting to receive replacement media only increases the time you are unproductive.

I lost my QuarkXPress program CD-ROM and I need to reinstall the software. How can I get another CD-ROM?
You may download the software to the latest update directly from our web site. Alternatively, you may order a media pack through our call center; to do so, please contact Quark Customer Service. There will be a €15 (£10, CHF 25)* replacement fee.

*Prices subject to change without notice.

I lost my copy of QuarkXPress. Will you replace it?
Yes, subject to a €15 (£10, CHF 25)* replacement fee for media only, plus shipping costs. In addition, you will probably want to submit a claim to your insurance company.

*Prices subject to change without notice.

My copy of QuarkXPress was stolen. Do I have to pay to get another one?
If the license was registered to you, we can send you replacement media for €15 (£10, CHF 25)*, plus shipping costs. In addition, you will probably want to submit a claim to your insurance company.

*Prices subject to change without notice.

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