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Disk Replacements

This section describes how to obtain replacements for your Quark software products.

Replacing Programme Disks

If you have lost or misplaced your programme disks, we will replace them under the following conditions.

  1. Your product is registered with Quark.
  2. You provide the serial number of the original product.
  3. If you are replacing QuarkXPress, your version is 8.0 or higher*.
  4. You pay a disk replacement fee of €15 (£10 or CHF 25) plus tax**.
  5. You pay an additional fee for overnight delivery.

* We do not carry replacement disks for versions of QuarkXPress prior to 8.0. If you have a registered version older than 8.0, you can upgrade to the latest version at the registered user rate.

** Prices subject to change without notice.

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