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Global Organisation

From its headquarters in Denver, Colorado, across Europe, the Americas, and Asia, Quark provides design and publishing software to more than three million users in over 160 countries. Employees on three continents give Quark a global perspective that is a key element of our success.

North America

Denver, CO:
Corporate headquarters
Administration, R&D, Quality Assurance, Product Management, Marketing, Customer Support

Cheyenne, WY:

St. Petersburg, FL:
Professional Services


Professional Services

Sales, Marketing

Sales, Marketing

Asia, India, Australia

Chandigarh, India:
R&D, Quality Assurance, Customer Support, Product Management, Administration, Sales, Marketing

Software Development Centres

Quark products are designed and developed by collaborative teams working in locations from software development centres in Denver, Colorado, and Chandigarh, India.

Full-service Distributors

In countries that have a substantial number of Quark users but do not have Quark offices, we maintain relationships with full-service distributors. These countries include Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and a number of European and Asian countries. Full-service distributors are the points of contact for customers seeking Quark products and upgrades, in-depth technical support, and customer service.

Formal Business Partnerships through QuarkAlliance

For the benefit of our end users, we also maintain formal business relationships with professionals in the printing, training, and information technology industries. Professional trainers, output organisations, printing houses, software developers, and system installation specialists can receive specialised support through our QuarkAlliance program. See Partner Programs to learn more about these programs.

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