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Company Profile

Founded in Denver, Colorado, in 1981, Quark was named after the subatomic particle proposed as the building block for all matter. The vision was to create software that would lay the foundation for modern publishing. For 30 years, Quark has delivered on its mission to be a leading provider of publishing software and solutions for customers of all sizes, whether professional designers, small and mid-sized businesses, or large organisations.

The First Revolution

Quark introduced its flagship software — QuarkXPress® — in 1987, delivering precision typography, layout, and colour control to the desktop computer to change the way people publish around the world. By 1990, QuarkXPress 3 had become the software of choice for publishers worldwide. With the 1997 release of QuarkXPress 4, QuarkXPress quickly became the world's most widely used professional page-layout software. More than five billion pages have been produced using QuarkXPress, and more than three million QuarkXPress users worldwide are benefiting from a new generation of rich design capabilities for print, Web, and interactive media.

Quark expanded on its publishing foundation in 1992 with an editorial workflow and collaboration system that connects designers, writers, editors, and other contributors to the publishing process. The 2001 release of an advanced server engine combined high-performance publishing automation with professional design, helping organisations produce compelling communications such as high-impact catalogues, on-demand custom sales literature, localised advertisements, design-rich database publishing, personalised direct mail, and more.

Revolutionizing Publishing. Again.™

Today, Quark is revolutionising publishing again.

With Quark Enterprise Solutions we are helping financial services, manufacturing, governmental, and other organisations worldwide transform their communications, develop new revenue streams, and reduce costs by extending the benefits of advanced technologies across the publishing process. Our dynamic publishing solutions are setting new standards in automated cross-media publishing by combining the power of XML with flexible layout and design to automate the delivery of customised, intelligent customer communications across print, the Web, and digital media.

Quark is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The company is privately held.

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