Getting Started with QuarkXPress Server 2018 - February 2019 Update

Changes in this version

This section will cover the various changes introduced in the current version of QuarkXPress Server.

For details about all of these changes, see A Guide to QuarkXPress Server.

New for QuarkXPress Server 2018 - February 2019 Update

Changes in version 14.2.1 included the following:

  • QuarkXPress Server is compatible with QuarkXPress 2018 - January 2019 Update (14.2.1).

  • Added support for Indic languages.

  • Updated XTensions for Smart Content Toolkit

New for QuarkXPress Server 2018

Changes in version 14.0.2 included the following:

  • QuarkXPress Server is compatible with QuarkXPress 2018 (14.x).

  • Added accessibility features in PDF output:

    • PDFs published from Platform now include tagging and alternate text for images to enhance accessibility.

    • Added a new URL parameter, createtaggedpdf (true|false), to configure the tagged PDF setting.

  • Added support for box borders:

    • Added a new BORDER element with over 40 attributes to support the ability to apply different borders to each side of a box.

    • The FRAME element has been retained for backward compatibility and still works in modifier-based flows.

    • The deconstruct XML now represents borders and related attributes under the new BORDER element.

  • Added support for the ability to span footnotes/endnotes over columns:

    • Specify using the Footnote Across Columns attribute in the footnote/endnote separator style.

    • This feature is also supported in the automation flow.

  • Modifier Schema Changes:

    • Added support for heading styles in paragraph stylesheets.

    • Added support for heterogeneous borders and frames.

    • Changed EBOOKMETADATA to LAYOUTMETADATA. This lets you apply metadata to the layout for PDS and eBook export.

    • Added PICTURE@ALTTEXT. This lets you set alternate text for each image to enhance accessibility.