The CXO’s Guide to Automating Policies & Procedures


Today’s hostile regulatory environment has put financial services firms on the defensive. Faced with stiff penalties, the growing risk of prosecution, and career-ending rulings, CXOs are flocking to improve their regulatory profile. To do this, financial services leadership must make it a priority to ensure the content that drives their business adheres to the latest regulatory requirements and that it is accurate, timely, and accessible.

This eBook provides focused, relevant information about the issues related to managing the lifecycles of content for policies and procedures and standard operating procedures (SOPs). Download your free copy now to learn more about:
  • Regulatory trends shaping the environment for policies and procedures
  • The drawbacks of legacy solutions for creating and managing the policy and procedure content, and the future implications of staying with outdated tools
  • New content automation platforms and best practices that will transform the speed, accuracy, and effectiveness of SOP content
  • How content automation is different from and in fact complimentary to the challenges and solutions related to GRC (Governance, Risk Management & Compliance)