QuarkXPress 10.0.1


QuarkXPress 10.0.1 is a free update to further improve stability of QuarkXPress 10. It adds support for OS X Mavericks and Windows 8.1. Please note that reported image performance issues have yet to be fully addressed but will be in a subsequent update.

Key issues addressed in this update include:

  • Mavericks compatibility including improved support for working across multiple monitors
  • Windows 8.1 support (high DPI display not supported)
  • Text input performance
  • Range of output issues related to PDFs with native transparency including correctly outputting feathering and glow effects, drop shadows, bevels and gradients
  • On screen rendering and PDF output for outlined text
  • OpenType font rendering in PDFs
  • Output and rendering of multi-channel TIFF and PSD files
  • Improved color profile support
  • Improved support for Adobe Illustrator PDFs containing transparent objects
  • General stability and reliability related issues

Download Details

Download Size: 290MB

File Information
  • File Type: Updater
  • Download Size: 290MB
  • Download Version: 10.0.1
  • Product Requirement:
  • OS Requirement: Windows