QuarkXPress 8.5


This free update further optimizes the stability and quality of QuarkXPress 8, supports importing content from Microsoft Word .docx documents, supports export of content to the Microsoft Word .docx file format, and provides an Auto Updater, so you can be sure to always use the latest version of QuarkXPress. The following PANTONE libraries have also been added or updated:

PANTONE+ Color Bridge
PANTONE+ Pastels and Neons
PANTONE+ Premium Metallics Coated
PANTONE+ Premium Metallics Coated

QuarkXPress 8 delivers an intuitive new interface enabling users to do more with fewer clicks, built-in Web and Flash authoring, designer-driven typography, native Illustrator support and dictionaries and hyphenation for more than 30 languages in every edition. What’s more you also get PDF export of layers and unflattened transparency applied to QuarkXPress items, a new Scale palette and much more besides.

Push creativity to its limits. Xperience Design!

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  • File Type: Updater
  • Download Size: 751MB
  • Download Version: 8.5
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  • OS Requirement: Mac OS