QuarkXPress 8.1 Update


This update improves PDF output capabilities and introduces features that make the page-layout process even more intuitive and productive. QuarkXPress 8.1 introduces a ‘Native Transparency’ mode for creating PDFs which can offer designers faster and more flexible PDF output support and provide greater control over their PDF workflow process. This release also renovates spell checking, adds the ability to paste text without formatting, and improves productivity with Scale functionality. QuarkXPress 8.1 also fine tunes Usability and Item Styles. In addition, it can help prevent errors by reporting faux font styles such as bold or italic. The Windows version of this release adds a Welcome Screen.

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Download Size: 662MB

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  • File Type: Updater
  • Download Size: 662MB
  • Download Version: 8.1
  • Product Requirement:
  • OS Requirement: Windows