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Structured Content, XML

Organizations are adopting XML authoring as the foundation for efficient publishing. XML authoring supports the creation of structured content, which improves information quality, reduces overall costs and increases productivity by allowing faster communication across multiple channels. In the Structured Content, XML Topic Center, choose from a variety of resources that discuss how structured XML content is the basis for an automated publishing system that will drive improved business results.

How Quark XML Author Enhances Microsoft Word
White Paper

Overview of Microsoft® Word’s built-in XML support and how Quark® XML Author enhances Word to make it an easy-to-use editor for XML documents.

How to Easily Create XML in Microsoft Word
OnDemand eSeminar

Discover how to effectively create intelligent, structured XML content in Microsoft Word and how it can improve efficiencies as part of a dynamic publishing solution.

Speed Up the Delivery of Technical Publications
White Paper

Discussion of DITA benefits, roadblocks to implementing DITA, and Quark's DITA solution.

The Beginner's Guide to Smart Content

Discover how Smart Content will enable business users and subject matter experts to easily adopt XML in order to keep up with the insatiable customer demand for multi-channel content.

XML Authoring for the Rest of Us
Product Collateral

Quark XML Author for Microsoft Word allows anyone to easily create XML documents with no technical knowledge of XML and little or no training.

Autodata Success Story
Case Study

Autodata, the largest independent publisher of technical info for the auto industry, creates accurate content in multiple languages with Quark XML Author.