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Whether you’re a financial services organization, government agency, manufacturer, educational institution, or nonprofit organization, Quark’s dynamic publishing products and solutions can help you address your most pressing publishing challenges. In the Industries Topic Center, learn how dynamic publishing can be applied within your organization, how to get started, best practices, and more.

De Persgroep Publishing Success Story
Case Study

De Persgroep Publishing distributes over three million print copies every day and reaches 20,000 iPad downloads a week thanks to automated content repurposing.

BNP Paribas Success Story
Case Study

BNP Paribas, one of the world’s most highly-rated banks, automates the production of customized marketing material with dynamic publishing solutions from Quark.

Transform Customer Communications Across Print, Web, and Mobile Devices
Product Collateral

Automate your enterprise publishing to reduce time to market and provide customers with relevant communications when and where they want on the device of their choice with Quark Publishing Platform.

Oil & Gas: Deliver Fast & Accurate Information Demo

This demo defines how manufacturers in the oil and gas industry have used Quark’s dynamic publishing as a solution to their publishing needs.

Par Pharmaceutical Success Story
Case Study

A strong XML strategy built on Quark XML Author allows anyone on Par Pharmaceutical’s team to create FDA-compliant SPL submissions using Microsoft Word.

Quark Smart Datasheets Solution - Japanese

データシートは不可欠な販売ツールですが、製品やブランドを売り込み、差別化するために独自のデータシートを大量に作成するには多くの労力とコストがかかり、ミスも発生しやすくなります。Quark Smart Datasheets Solutionは、制作に変革をもたらし、印刷物・デジタルデバイス用の傑出したデータシートのパブリッシングを自動化して、85%以上の時間とコストを節約します。

Gagnez en efficacité et en flexibilité avec vos fiches produits
OnDemand eSeminar

Les fiches produits sont un outil essentiel ; toutefois produire des centaines de fiches uniques destinées à vendre et différencier vos produits et votre marque peut-être un processus exigeant en main-d'oeuvre, sujet à erreurs et onéreux.

Quark Smart Datasheets Solution
Product Collateral

Datasheets are an essential sales tool; however, producing thousands of unique datasheets that sell and differentiate your products and brand can be labor intensive, error prone, and costly.

The Coming Revolution in Investment Research Distribution

A new book by Neil Scarth takes an in-depth look at how emerging unbundled commission regulations in the United States and Europe will affect the $30+ billion equity research industry.

Vicor Success Story
Case Study

Vicor introduces industry-first solution for creating on-demand datasheets. PowerBench — based on Quark Smart Datasheets Solution — cuts datasheet creation and delivery from one week to 30 seconds.

Easy XML Authoring for the Intelligence Community
Product Collateral

Empower analysts with Quark XML Author, a COTS solution deployed in Microsoft Word that allows anyone to easily create XML content.

Autodata Success Story
Case Study

Autodata, the largest independent publisher of technical info for the auto industry, creates accurate content in multiple languages with Quark XML Author.

Dynamic Enterprise Publishing: Opportunities in Investment Research
White Paper

This white paper provides an overview of the current challenges the investment research industry is facing in regard dynamically changing content and discusses the opportunities for applying dynamic enterprise publishing (DEP) solutions.

Dynamic Publishing: Compliance and Risk Management in the Digital World
White Paper

This white paper provides an overview of the current challenges of document management in a regulated environment and discusses how you can optimize your existing infrastructure to enable an automated workflow by adopting a dynamic publishing system.

Reinventing the Datasheet
White Paper

The age of the customer is a reality, drastically changing the way customers interact with firms. This white paper considers the nature of today’s product datasheet challenges in this context and provides information about a solution based on Quark’s dynamic publishing software.