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Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Do you want to adopt variable data printing to create personalized marketing materials? Do you need to produce highly targeted communications for your customers, driving higher open and response rates and a better return on your marketing investment?

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

The VDP module for Quark Web-to-Print System provides multiple ways to automate the delivery of documents for personalized communications through a Web interface.

You know the challenge: To communicate with your customers, you can either use standardized marketing material with few variables (such as the address and greeting), or you can spend a lot of time creating each document individually, which takes too long and costs too much.

Variable data printing with Quark helps you overcome these challenges by enabling you to quickly create highly-targeted, professional communications with highly personalized text and pictures.

Variable Data Printing with Quark Web-to-Print System

Using Quark Web-to-Print System, your designers can create beautifully designed, eye-catching templates with QuarkXPress®, and easily set up and configure variable portions. You can also set up rules to make the layout adjust itself to the content; for example, if the text length or picture size varies, the layout can change box sizes and move other boxes around.

Then, through a Web browser, your field staff can select templates, choose data sources, and produce professional printed pages with a single click.

You can also adjust content and layout directly in a browser through Quark Web-to-Print System for last-minute content or formatting changes.

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