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Features and Benefits

Quark XML Author and the Pubs-XML Accelerator

Key User Features Benefits
It's not "like Word" — it is Word Minimum disruption to analysts; user adoption and buy-in
Desktop Word feature set, including spell check, commenting, and track changes No loss of productivity from limited browser or forms-based applications
Dynamic integration of graphics and imagery; drag and drop media references from repositories into documents Speed up creation of in-depth and thorough analytic products using all sources at your disposal
Assign metadata to specific content for topical assertions and source citations with a single mouse click; easily create document-level metadata Eliminate downstream hand-tagging, errors, and resubmissions; increase discoverability of analytic products across all intelligence portals and systems
Quick-pick lists and dialog boxes with built-in guidance for security roll-up Control security markup; make markup efficient and easy
Multi-level security previews from Word to PDF, RTF, and HTML Facilitate multi-platform dissemination of information

Key Technical Features Benefits
COTS product ready-to-go today:
  • Operates with Word 2003, 2007, 2010
  • Certified and deployed in JWICS and SIPRNet
Immediate rollout to meet ICD 206, 208 & 501
COTS Pubs-XML (IC MSP), CAPCO, and ISM support Removes need for custom development
Extensible interface — easily integrate external data sources Fast integration to S&T DBMS, media and imagery repositories, dirty word and identifier applications; automatically populate tables and other content
Out-of-the-box integrations with Microsoft SharePoint, EMC® Documentum®, and IBM® FileNet® Access common features of the CMS directly from within Word, including collaboration features that go beyond Word commenting and change-tracking through the use of formal workflows
Out-of-the-box output for LNI, M3, HTML, PDF, XML, MS Word; integration with wikis Rapid and cost-effective dissemination of analytic products to multiple formats and systems
Implemented in C# and .NET High stability and performance
Highest level of Microsoft partnership Lowers risk, preserves Government information technology architecture investment

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What Analysts Are Saying:

"My primary focus is helping clients in the government intelligence sector implement effective solutions for creating discoverable content.

In my daily work, I rely on Quark XML Author because it's an easy and effective tool that has helped me increase the findability of my client's content by 400 percent."

North Fork Technical Solutions Contractor for Government Agency

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