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What’s New in 9.1

Quark Publishing System® has evolved into a flexible and powerful dynamic publishing platform for all types of organizations that need to streamline their publishing processes while delivering engaging, accurate, and timely information to multiple types of media, including print, Web, and digital.

Enhancements to Digital Publishing Capabilities

Support for QuarkXPress 9.1

All new capabilities available in QuarkXPress 9.1 are available for designers in the Quark Publishing System environment, including:

iPad Publishing

  • App Studio: Design and Publish to Your Own Custom iPad Apps
    App Studio is an integrated set of tools for creating customized apps for the iPad (and soon Android), distributing those apps through the Apple® App Store, and creating and publishing content (issues) that your customers can purchase or access for free from within your apps — no coding required.
  • Reference Audio/Video Assets in QuarkXPress Layouts
    Incorporate audio and visual files stored in Quark Publishing System into your QuarkXPress layouts, just as you do picture files, in order to efficiently re-use digital content for iPad output.

Other QuarkXPress/Quark Publishing System Features

The 9.1 release makes assets stored in Quark Publishing System available for re-use in Composition Zones® and as shared content.

This capability reduces and even eliminates the time designers spend searching for assets, improves consistency and accuracy by ensuring that all layouts use assets from a single source, and makes updates faster and easier, because a change to an asset stored in Quark Publishing System is automatically reflected in all instances where an asset is used.

Support for Digital Assets and Workflows

With the 9.1 release, you can also add digital publishing assets and workflows to your existing publishing system, reducing or even eliminating the need for a separate team to work on digital output.

For example, you can:

  • Add video editors and multimedia specialists to existing workflows.
  • Set up separate workflows for digital publications.
  • Set up separate workflows for the production of digital publishing assets such as videos, slideshows, podcasts, and other interactive or multimedia assets.
  • Let multimedia specialists check in and manage their assets in Quark Publishing System just as writers, reviewers, graphic designers, and other users check in and manage Word and text files, photos and images, and other publishing assets.
  • Let multimedia specialists and other Quark Publishing System users preview multi-layout projects and search for digital (audio/video) assets from all Quark Publishing System clients.
  • Easily update all instances of digital assets when changes are made; for example, when a change is made to an interactive or multimedia asset in Quark Publishing System, all publications that reference that asset can be easily updated.

Automated Digital Publishing Enhancements

New automation capabilities in Quark Publishing System 9.1 eliminate both manual intervention and dependencies to speed up publishing to the iPad and ePUB format.

iPad Publishing Automation

  • Automatically merge multiple projects into one issue
  • Trigger iPad output by changing the status of a project or on a predefined schedule
  • Publish iPad content to a Web server or a file server

Web Hub Enhancements

  • Edit projects with App Studio layouts in Web Hub
  • Drag and drop assets directly from the file system to Web Hub to check
    them in
  • Check in multiple assets at once using Check In Other, which eliminates the need to check in each asset separately
  • Remove local formatting from text that is imported from other sources such as Word documents, making it easier for users to copyfit text from other sources to the layout
  • View thumbnails and previews of previous versions of assets via the View Revisions dialog
  • Configure the toolbar for each role, so customers can simplify the user interface to reduce the learning curve and improve productivity

Other Enhancements

System Administration and Customization

  • Propagate collection settings to subcollections, making it easier to set up and manage settings
  • Move and copy collections and subcollections without adjusting resources that refer to those collections, so you can rearrange folder structures when business needs change
  • Replicate assets from one server to another (Windows only)

Enhancements to User Workspace in Client Applications

  • Publish as ePUB from all clients
  • Index layouts and their attributes within QuarkXPress projects and create custom attributes and forms at layout level, so users can easily find assets in multi-layout projects (such as multi-layout projects for different devices and orientations)
  • Move assets by dragging from one collection to another (Connect Client only), which makes managing assets faster and easier

Version 9.1 supports:

  • Mac OS® 10.7 (Lion®)
  • Mac OS® 10.6 (Snow Leopard®)
  • Mac OS® 10.5 (Leopard®)
  • Windows® Server 2008 and Windows 7
  • Microsoft® SQL Server 2008

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