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Technical Overview

Quark Publishing System was built using state-of-the-art technologies.

Service–oriented Architecture (SOA)

SOA-based systems such as Quark Publishing System are divided into independent components that communicate via clearly defined protocols. This independence makes it possible to make changes in one part of the system without affecting another. This results in a more stable, scalable system that's easy to upgrade and simple to expand, which means you can add functionality as business needs arise, using internal development resources or a partner.

Spring Framework Java™/J2EE™

This open source application framework for the Java platform is used to blend components into a single coherent system. Components in Quark Publishing System can easily be changed without affecting the system as a whole. The Spring Framework allows updates for any part of the system: Server, client, or module.


Java, an object-oriented, high-level programming language, allows porting software to any computer. The Quark Publishing System Server is 100% pure Java, which allows it to be hardware- and operating system-independent. This gives you multiple options when selecting your hardware infrastructure.

Web Services

Web services support machine-to-machine interactions over a network, such as the Internet, and execute on a remote system hosting the services. Web services are used to connect Quark Publishing System to other applications and systems. Quark Publishing System has an embedded Web Server — Apache Tomcat — that provides an environment for Java code to run in cooperation with a Web server. This provides numerous connectivity and integration points. In fact, Quark Publishing System can be deployed as a publishing platform within larger business ecosystems.

Operating Systems

Quark has certified Quark Publishing System Server on Mac OS® X, Mac OS X Server, and Windows® Server Enterprise (2003 and 2008). Quark Publishing System Server is certified on VMWare® ESXi.

SQL Databases

SQL Databases Quark Publishing System Server is compliant with any SQL database and is Quark-certified with HSQL, Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise (2005 and 2008), Oracle® 10g and coming soon, Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

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What Customers Are Saying:

"Quark Publishing System is helping us to speed up and standardize processes through automation."

- Dr. Roland Klose, IT Director for the Spiegel Group