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How It Works

Using Quark Publishing System, you can set up collaborative workflows that meet your specific publishing needs and automate and streamline your whole publishing process, from content creation and management through the delivery of cross-media communications.

Create Content

Quark Publishing System offers many ways for knowledge workers, writers, and editors to create content. They can use:

  • Microsoft Word — you can check Word documents into Quark Publishing System for others in the workflow to access, edit, and revise
  • QuarkCopyDesk — a desktop application that allows authors to write, revise, and copyfit their text
  • Quark XML Author — lets authors create structured XML content in Microsoft Word
  • Quark Publishing System's browser-based editor — which works in all major Web browsers — provides access to check-in and check-out, and makes it easy to connect internal and external contributors in dispersed locations so they can work when and where they need to over the Internet

Both QuarkCopyDesk and Microsoft Word are integrated with QuarkXPress so that when content changes in a Word or QuarkCopyDesk file, the respective QuarkXPress layout is updated, and vice versa. Content from a single Word or QuarkCopyDesk file can even be used in multiple QuarkXPress layouts, and when the content changes, all QuarkXPress layouts are updated.

Designers can use their standard design tools QuarkXPress, Adobe® Illustrator®, and Adobe Photoshop®.

You can also merge data from sources such as databases, spreadsheets, and other business systems (such as ERP systems) into your documents and eliminate manual steps such as copying and pasting data into documents. Automated data integration is especially useful for creating targeted communications, such as direct mailers or investment research reports for specific audiences, and helps to eliminate the risk of human error in data-intensive documents.

Workflow and Collaboration

Multiple users can work on and contribute simultaneously to a single project through Quark Publishing System and provide real-time updates of content and layouts. Your team members always know their assignments because the system automatically routes assets and notifies users about new tasks. You can create an unlimited number of publications or projects — and their unique workflows — in one system, and you can control system access so that some team members can only work within a certain project while others can work across projects.

Manage Content

You can manage content either directly in Quark Publishing System or in a content management system such as Microsoft SharePoint, which enables the use of a single repository for all content across your organization and provides company-wide access to all publishing assets. Whether you use the built-in repository or the company's content management system, you can set up the system so it manages versions and revisions of your assets automatically.

Publish and Deliver

You can trigger an automated publishing process based on workflow (for example, when all content is finally approved), on schedule, or on demand.

Quark Publishing System starts an automated publishing process by collecting current information from all sources, both content and data. Then it assembles that content into a document, makes any transformations necessary for further publishing, and produces publications in various print and digital publishing formats.

Production of print and Flash® formats is powered by QuarkXPress Server, which uses QuarkXPress templates to lay out the content and either deliver it in its final published format (PDF, EPS, PostScript, or Flash) or generate a QuarkXPress file that a designer can "hand-finish" before sending it on.

For document types that do not require the rich designs for which Quark is noted, such as technical documentation, you can use XSL-FO to create PDF files.

You can publish to the Web using Quark Publishing System either by converting print content to XML and transforming it to HTML (for print-to-Web publishing), or by transforming original XML content directly to HTML (Web-first publishing). In either case, Quark Publishing System can send XML or HTML directly to a Web Content Management (WCM) system.

Quark Publishing System publishes to digital devices (e.g., applications that run on smartphones and tablets such as the iPhone® and iPad™) by transforming print documents or XML files to the format appropriate for each device.

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