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At the heart of the Quark Dynamic Publishing Platform is Quark Publishing System, a multi-platform server that integrates with both SQL databases and enterprise content management systems. Quark Publishing System manages all elements of your publishing workflow, from content creation and management to publishing and delivery in a variety of formats.

Users can continue to use their preferred applications (including Microsoft® Word, Excel®, Adobe® Photoshop®, QuarkXPress®, and any other application), check in and check out files, and collaborate with others. A graphical user interface makes it easy for administrators to configure and monitor the system, locally or remotely.

Content Creation and Collaboration

Create Smart Content Components with Quark XML Author for Microsoft Word
Using the Quark XML Author add-in for Microsoft Word, your authors can create information components that feed directly into Quark Publishing System. Quark Publishing System can then automatically combine these components into high-quality print pages and generate digital versions for the Web and other formats. Quark XML Author can be purchased as a stand-alone product or as a component of the Quark Dynamic Publishing Platform.

Design Templates with QuarkXPress
QuarkXPress is a cross-media design tool that lets designers create and edit complex page layouts for print (including catalogs, magazines, newspapers, and richly designed books), as well as the Web and devices such as the iPad. Users can search for, assign, and track the status of page elements, projects, and publications throughout the production process. QuarkXPress can be purchased as a stand-alone product or as a component of the Quark Dynamic Publishing Platform.

Publish to the iPad with Quark App Studio
Quark App Studio is an integrated set of tools that let you create customized apps for the iPad (and soon Android), distribute those apps through the Apple® App Store, and publish content (issues) that your customers can purchase or access for free from within your apps — no coding required.

App Studio integrates fully with Quark Publishing System, so you can include your multimedia staff in your publishing workflows, automate the delivery of digital publications, and incorporate iPad publishing into your overall dynamic publishing strategy. App Studio is included in QuarkXPress 9.1.

Collaborate on Content Creation with QuarkCopyDesk
QuarkCopyDesk® lets writers, editors, reviewers, and other non-designers collaborate on content without having to worry about design. With QuarkCopyDesk, QPS users can create content from templates, add notes, track changes, and even import and manipulate pictures. QuarkCopyDesk supports the Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010 .docx format and the Job Jackets feature. QuarkCopyDesk can be purchased as a stand-alone product or as a component of the Quark Dynamic Publishing Platform.

Collaborate on Content Creation from Anywhere with Web Hub
Web Hub lets external Quark Publishing System content creators and editors work remotely in a Web browser. The Web Hub user interface provides an intuitive and productive experience that lets you edit and copyfit text in a WYSIWYG environment. You can also upload pictures and change their size, cropping, and rotation. In addition, you can receive and track assignments, search for content, and monitor your projects. There's absolutely nothing to install or maintain on users' computers.

Support for All Content Creators Regardless of the Application with Connect Client
Connect Client is a module of Quark Publishing System that allows users of third-party applications such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Illustrator® to check files into and out of Quark Publishing System.

Content and Workflow Management

You can manage your content and workflow directly in Quark Publishing System, or in a content management system such as Microsoft SharePoint®.

Manage Varied Workflows by Publication, Document, Project, and Asset
Quark Publishing System supports the varied workflows required to publish print, Web, and digital publications. You can use it to create magazines, eBooks, marketing collateral, technical documentation, white papers, investment research reports, and other communications.

The Collections feature lets you organize your content and workflow in a hierarchical fashion. Each collection is a groups of related assets that can have its own workflow, automatic routing rules, resources, users and groups, and revision settings. The Collections feature includes:

  • Collection attributes: Assign attributes such as Due Date to an entire collection rather than just to individual assets within a collection.
  • Collection templates: Create a collection template, then use it to create new collections.
  • Asset type-based workflows: Create different workflows for different types of assets, such as pictures and articles.
  • Reusable workflows independent of directory structure: Apply a workflow to any asset in any collection at any time.

Quark Publishing System also lets you split a publication into multiple sections that can be worked on independently, then automatically merge them into one publication at output.

Automated Multichannel Publishing

Automate Digital Publishing
Quark Publishing System lets you automate the digital publishing process for transforming XML content into the ePUB format, instantly publishing RSS feeds to branded newsreader apps, and publishing custom branded iPad apps and issues.

Combine the High-quality Design Capabilities of QuarkXPress with Server-based Automated Publishing with QuarkXPress Server
Quark Publishing System includes QuarkXPress Server, a publishing engine that can automatically generate output in formats such as Flash®, XML, PDF, PostScript®, and EPS.

Automate Your Publishing Processes with Automation Services
Automation Services is a core component of Quark Publishing System that lets you automate content conversion and output. You can convert:

  • XML content into QuarkCopyDesk articles, QuarkXPress layouts,
    and PDFs
  • QuarkCopyDesk articles into XML
  • XML into HTML
  • And more

With Automation Services, a system administrator can set up an automated publishing process without any programming, saving up to 80% over the cost of outdated publishing processes that require manual tasks or programmers.

Dynamically Create Tables
Quark Publishing System can dynamically lay out multi-page tables, eliminating the need for manual intervention and making it easy to automatically publish annual reports, financial statements, and other documents that use tabular information.

Integrate with Drupal
Quark Publishing System lets you publish to the Web through an out-of-the-box integration with the Drupal™ open-source Web content management system. You can also easily integrate with any other Web content management system.

Integrate with Data Sources
Quark Publishing System lets you integrate data into your documents from sources such as databases, spreadsheets, and other business systems.

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