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App Studio for Quark Publishing System

App Studio is a module of Quark Publishing System that reduces creative and technical barriers and helps you harness the full potential of tablet technology so you can deliver superior experiences on the iPad your customers hunger for.

Did You Know?

App Studio for Quark Publishing System gives designers control over the most advanced set of rich, interactive capabilities for iPad publishing, helping you deliver a superior customer experience.

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Using App Studio for Quark Publishing System, you can:

  • Configure a starter application to your branding and user interface requirements
  • Enrich existing/print content by adding sound, video, and other interactive features
  • Publish, deliver, and manage your app for the iPad or other digital device along with content, issues, and access to them


In addition, because App Studio is a module of Quark Publishing System, it integrates with your existing publishing tools so you can:

  • Produce apps and digital publications from the same source content, controlling investment costs to reach new digital devices
  • Manage print and digital content effectively for multiple media channels
  • Let multiple contributors participate directly in your digital publishing process, rather than limit it to those with specialized skills
  • Fully automate the production of digital content starting with XML or Microsoft Word content
  • Control the costs of publishing to the iPad and other tablets by incorporating digital publishing into a coordinated dynamic publishing process

Unlike other approaches to iPad publishing, App Studio for Quark Publishing System:

  • Doesn’t require costly custom development or additional IT infrastructure
  • Puts designers, rather than programmers, in control of your publication with the creative tools they already know
  • Quark’s Web-based service provides the entire infrastructure for managing the content delivered to the iPad and controlling which content your customers can access
  • Enables automatic synchronization between all digital and print media -- achieving all of this with maximum efficiencies afforded by automation

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