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Quark Publishing System

To compete effectively in today's business environment, you must communicate with your customers by publishing more material, more often, and to more types of media than ever before — to print, the Web, smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices. But how can you satisfy escalating requirements in less time, with limited resources, and with consistent quality — without driving up costs?

Professional Design Meets Automated
Cross-media Publishing

Whether you publish marketing material, financial reports, technical documentation, newspapers, magazines, books, or other information to print, Web sites, or mobile devices, Quark Publishing System® can help you deliver cross-media content on time and cost-effectively.

Quark Publishing System is a dynamic publishing platform that provides a broad range of functionality to streamline and automate your publishing process, helping you to take costs out of publishing, improve customer satisfaction, and gain a
competitive edge.

Using Quark Publishing System, you can automatically:

  • Publish richly designed materials to multiple types of media — print, Web, digital devices, and other electronic formats such as ePub — which reduces costs and time to market
  • Assemble content for different audiences, publications, and media types, which improves information quality and customer satisfaction by removing irrelevant content
  • Repurpose print content to easily publish to the Web and digital devices, which lowers costs

You also can:

  • Add iPad publishing and digital workflow capabilities to your organization
  • Integrate all stakeholders into a collaborative workflow to reduce errors, save time, and speed up the publishing process
  • Add a dynamic publishing platform to your other business systems, delivering the benefits of dynamic and digital publishing across your organization
  • Integrate Microsoft Word and Excel®, Adobe® Photoshop®, and any other application into your publishing workflow

This helps you:

  • Reduce publishing costs up to 50% by replacing time-consuming manual work with automation
  • Reduce integration costs up to 80% by implementing a single system rather than piecing together technologies from multiple vendors
  • Focus on your content and customers, not your publishing process

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What Customers Are Saying:

"Quark Publishing System is helping us to speed up and standardize processes through automation."

- Dr. Roland Klose, IT Director for the Spiegel Group